Thursday, March 18, 2010

Update on Velose and the mauled kitty

I spoke with Delfino last evening. The good news is that the mauled kitty is still alive. The bad news is that it has a brain injury; Delfino wasn't sure how to explain, in English, what that meant other than a month or two of recuperation and rehab in the cage. The clinic is the best place for that kitty, where it will have its best chance to rest, get attention, and be around other kitties. I hope it will have a promising future, will post updates as time goes on.

Velose is still at large in the clinic. Eating and doing well, still eluding capture. Another week, Delfino thinks, and they might be able to bring her home. Actually, as long as she is healthy and happy there, it's ok - maybe she will get tamed, she was only half-wild since we fed her and talked to her and she cried in the door to be fed and played with our cats through the screen. Time will tell.

Our official cat count at the house? Three indoor cats - Minina, Maya, Smokey (who spend their day on the back outdoor terrace where they cannot get out). One indoor/outdoor cat - Luna. One outdoor cat - Cappuchina. Total = 5. And then there's Loco, the one and only dog living here year round. Blacky will be back on March 25 for a couple of months when the other 'owners' leave for the US.

Hopefully no more hungry mouths will show up for a while, the inn is full!


KfromMichigan said...

I think Loco needs a doggie companion! He is probably thinking he's a cat too!

Islagringo said...

Wouldn't it be just wonderful if Delfino were to stop by that woman's house and ask her if she would like to make a donation to help care for the kitten her dog mauled?!

Sue said...

K - Loco has Blacky sometimes. I'm not really sure what Loco thinks he is, although I do know that Miguel thinks he's an extra-terrestrial.

Wayne - I was thinking about something like this the other day. Instead of letting people pay a fine to get their dog back from the dog catcher, maybe make them attend an hour of animal care education. Something might sink in eventually?