Monday, October 20, 2008

Baby Pictures

No time for a post today, but here are a couple of pictures we took this morning of the kitten and Papa Loco.

Loco has a fascination for this kitten, he wants to be near and watch everything to do with it, and when I'm holding it he wants to lick it and nuzzle it. The kitten seems to like that too. Not really sure what it's all about, but Loco is acting like a mother hen.


Scottozoid said...

Awwwww that is sooooo cute!
Looks like Loco has adopted a kitten, whether you and Miguel want it or not.
How are the other cats responding?

Sue said...

Short and sweet - both 'other' cats hate the kitten - hissing at it and looking very annoyed. Minina sulked all day yesterday, would not even sit in the same room with us and the kitten wasn't even there, it was outside, but obviously I had the scent on my clothes. After our territorial behavior problems with Chaquiste, I'm not anxious to be adopting another kitten even if Loco is. We'll see, a lot will depend on the sex of the kitten, which is too hard to determine right now. I will know more when I get back from my trip. It's a cute kitten and it's purring like crazy when I handle it - very hard to let it go, but...hopefully if not us, someone else will give it a loving home.

Life's a Beach! said...

How adorable!

Islagringo said...

Shoot me an email (address on my blog) when you get back. I love to paint and would be happy to come over and spend some time helping you out. You deserve it and need it! Besides, we could get some good gossip in!

Sue said...

Thanks everyone. I can't wait to get back because with all the rain Miguel has not been able to get to Delfino's to check on the kitten. But he's getting all the painting done (it's indoor work) - no distractions other than the odd spat to break up between Minina and Luna.

Wayne, thanks for the offer but I think it will all be done by the time I get back, and once again I will have missed a chance to 'bond' with my home. Somehow doing the odd chore around there makes me feel more connected, and I hate when someone else ends up doing what I could have done if I'd had the time or actually been there. One day I will not be leaving like this! But stop by if you're out and about, we're usually there.