Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Baseball Caps - not just for wearing

The baseball cap is a versatile part of the wardrobe here. Men, women, and children all wear them - frontwards and backwards, like everywhere else in the world. They are fashionable, they block out the sun, and they cover the hair to prevent it from being blown by the wind.

But in other parts of the world do baseball caps serve other purposes as they do here? Like:

1. When being chased by a dog, a cap quickly removed from the head and swung in the direction of the dog will usually make the dog back off.

2. When the seats of the golf cart are wet after an unexpected rain, the cap is used to dry off the seat.

3. When entering a home with wet feet, the cap is placed on the floor and used as a mat to wipe the feet.

4. When encountering a crab trying to cross the road, the cap, held at the side of the body of the crab, will gently steer the crab in the desired direction.

5. Keys, coins, and other odds and ends are placed in the cap at night for safe-keeping.

6. The cap can be tossed over the head of a sleeping cat in order to annoy it - sort of revenge for all the annoying things the cat did to you while you were trying to sleep.

7. The cap can be used to relocate a lizard walking down the center of the road. Place the cap over the lizard and then pick it up and toss it into the plants at the side of the road.

8. The cap can be swung at a pesky fly, and if lucky, will knock the fly out so a cat can eat it.

Miguel has a nice collection of baseball caps. When I was travelling, I wanted him to realize how much - so I would pick up a cap at every airport I encountered and present him with the stack when I got back to the island.

Miguel even has a few real baseball caps, including the local Canadian team, the Toronto Blue Jays. I also bought him a cap with the Toronto Maple Leafs logo, and since he doesn't really know about hockey, he has no idea that the cap might not bring him much luck.

But whichever cap he was wearing the day he touched the high-voltage cables, it protected his head when he slammed down the stairs. The gash that got opened would probably have been a lot worse had he not been wearing the cap. So I'll put this as #9, caps protect the head.

I can't think of one more, which would make the neurotic part of me happy to have a nice round number like 10. Anybody?


Life's a Beach! said...

Ta Da! (drum roll)
Number 10! Wall decor! Both Craig and Michael have racks on the wall where they display their various baseball and golf hats!

IslaZina said...

Caps can be used when shopping to sort and collect the best limones, etc. before paying.

Anonymous said...

Caps can also be used as knee pads!

Troy & Carreen

jeanie said...

Frank has been wearing a ball cap since we moved here last year. It's weird because he NEVER wore one before except on Isla for the sun. Every man out here wears one everyday. I suspect a lot of bald heads lurk under those caps. Frank wears it to cover funky bed head.

Islagringo said...

#14: worn as protection from chafing under a motorcycle helmut.

Sue said...

Beck - you know, I thought of that when I was over in Cancun. You're right! Miguel does the same thing.

Z - which is why we always wash our veggies in disinfectant soap before we peel them. You just never know where they've been!

Troy/Careen - hey, I think I've seen Miguel do that too, when he has to open the pool tap to drain it.

Jeanie - lucky #13, that's one I never heard of before.

Wayne - you mean those helmets that aren't really helmets and are often not even done up? No wonder they chaff. Thanks for #14!

Bennie said...

Well you have a few more uses for the caps than I could think of. Miguel was lucky to have the cap on when he touched the high volage wire.

I agree with Jeanie that most of us balding men use it to cover our heads. I just wish I had enough hair to "cover funky bed head". Oh well maybe when I was younger.