Thursday, December 3, 2009

I know what I'm going to do this weekend

We went out driving last night. On the east side, just past the church, we smelled farm animals. The slaughter house is much farther down, it wasn't that. "Oh, it's the cows", Miguel said.

"What cows?", I asked. We don't have any cows on the island. Or should I say, we never used to have cows.

Miguel gestured to the empty field, and since it was dark, I strained my eyes to see the shapes of cows. Aging has affected my night vision. I saw nothing.

And then we came upon it - a bull ring set up at the far end of the empty lot. Cars, trucks, people, food stands, and a busy bull ring. A packed stand, from the looks of it. And I didn't look long because I know what a bull ring means, and I'd rather not have to think about it.

"Do they actually kill the bulls here?", I asked Miguel. He said he didn't know. He knows, he doesn't want to think about it either.

I don't understand how anyone can derive pleasure out of watching an animal tortured and then killed in the name of 'sport'. But judging by the number of people in the stands, there are plenty who would argue that it is entertaining. It's an argument they'll never win with me. I'm one of those people who actually likes it when the matador gets gored - I'm on the side of the bull.

Continuing along the road and then crossing down to the lower boulevard in La Gloria, we came upon the zocalo. Miguel told me the mayor had lit the Christmas tree the night before, and there it was - a tall, beautiful tree in the center of the square.

And the square was hopping, despite the fact that it was a school night. Carnival rides are set up, booths are set up, and families and tons of kids were enjoying the event.

There were food booths, and everything smelled wonderful. There was a booth with row upon row of sunglasses...three stalls worth. Who has the patience to look at all those sunglasses to find the perfect fit?

Other booths were set up with household items. I love looking through their stuff, and their prices have always been very reasonable. And since we're in the process of setting up the Luna Studio, we need some of that stuff.

So this weekend I know which carnival I'm going to - the one in the heart of La Gloria. The one with the happy ending.


Life's a Beach! said...

Wish I was there to go to the zocalo in La Gloria! That sounds like so much fun! The bull ring sounds awful.

MD in Texas said...

"I am on the side of the bull"...

That made me laugh out loud, but I totally agree.

The festival in the zocola sounds wonderful though!

KfromMichigan said...

Bull ring .... awful! But the zocalo .. now that sounds like fun.

Islagringo said...

By zocolo, do you mean the park by the Canutal market? By the futbol rapido field??

I was going to call you to see if you and Miquel wanted to go to the bull ring with me last night. I wasn't feeling up to a night out though so I didn't call. Good thing!

I don't think it was actually a bull fight. Don't know that for sure, but the bulls were white Brahmas, not the black bullfighting bulls. Maybe all they did was the comedy stuff where they try to get the ribbon off the bull's tail? Just don't know. Since the tickets were 125 pesos each, I don't know anybody who went.

Sue said...

I will let you know about the carnival in La Gloria - didn't get there yet, hopefully today or tomorrow.

Wayne - it's the square in La Gloria where they put the big Christmas tree, where they sell used clothes on weekends. The family park. And Yikes - 125 pesos? That's steep, we wouldn't pay it either, even if it was just for fun and games. Hope you're feeling better!

Bennie said...

When I was 17 my parents took me to Mexico City for Christmas. I wanted to see a Bullfight because it was something I realted to Mexico. I had no idea they killed the Bulls. None what-so-ever. I hated it and have never had a desire to see another one.