Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Change of plans

I don't know why I ever try to make plans. A job list. It seems that something usually happens to disrupt the day.

Today it was Minina. She apparently fell from the third-level terrace. About 25 feet. I was sitting in the living room and heard a commotion outside, and when I went to look there was Minina at the door, right beside Blacky. Blacky, who doesn't like cats, was being pushed aside so Minina could get to the front door and be let in.

Something about the way she came in made me wonder how she got to the front door. I went up to the second-level terrace, where Miguel was watering, and where he often lets Minina out with him, and where she often jumps through a small hole in the wall and goes over to the neighbor's roof.

Miguel said Minina was not with him, and when I told him she was on the ground, he immediately knew she'd fallen from the third floor where he'd left her. I went up to see if I could tell where she might have fallen. I was looking for the vines to be pulled away from the house. I couldn't see anything.

Back downstairs to check Minina and she was walking around, although she seemed scared. And then I heard her sniffling. And saw the end of her nose that looked like it was dirty.

Ok, so she fell from the third-level and hit her nose. She went right to the food bowl but didn't seem to want to try to eat the dry food. I opened a can of food and she ate hungrily. Well, at least her jaw seemed ok.

I took her up to our room and she settled on her favorite chair covered with her favorite blanket. She sniffled and sprayed bloody liquid - not much, but enough for me to be concerned about a fractured skull along with a broken nose. Her pupils were fine and she could open her mouth equally on both sides. She seemed to want to put her head down but didn't seem able to find a comfortable position. Maybe facial fractures as well?

I laid on the bed and watched her, and as the sun hit her chair, she rolled over and snuggled up like she always does with the sun. She cleaned part of her body, and tucked her head under her paws and dozed off. But she continued to sniffle and sneeze, disturbing her sleep. I called Delfino, much too early so just got to leave a message.

Eventually Minina wanted to come over to the bed, there is a blanket on the bed she likes too. So I put her on the bed, and she settled. I went down for breakfast, and when I got back upstairs, I could see that Minina was not as comfortable as she'd been.

She was favoring her right front leg, and the fluid was still bubbling out of her nose. Not a lot, but enough to make her sneeze to clear her nose. Her breathing is slow and normal, so she's not in shock or having trouble breathing. I am hoping there are no internal injuries.

Finally Delfino called and told me he had a couple other emergencies but would then be back at the clinic. I took the cage and put it on the bed, expecting a struggle with Minina. But...she got right up and went in, as if she felt safe in there.

We hauled her to the vet on the golf cart, which she didn't like one bit. She is there now, and will stay there for observation for head injury.

There is a dog there being treated for head injury as well - got hit by a car yesterday and is on medication to reduce the swelling in the brain. I hope Minina will not require that, but if she does, she's in the right place.

We were supposed to go to Cancun today - a doctor's appointment and a few errands. I have cancelled that until tomorrow. And I'm not in the mood to do any of the chores I had lined up - I think I'll go and lie down.

And now we sit and wait to hear from the vet. I am hoping for good news.
Just stopped by to see Minina. She is doing ok, the vet is not all that worried about her but he is keeping her overnight to continue observation. He has given her meds for inflammation and pain. She certainly broke her nose, and without xray, we don't know what else, but she's breathing ok so that is good news. Fingers crossed she will continue to be ok. Thanks everyone for your comments.


Jonna said...

Oh, hugs for you and Minina from Merida. I'm glad she is where she is but I do know how hard it is to wait and worry.

Life's a Beach! said...

So sorry for Minina Sue. I had a day kind of like that. I'll have to blog about it tomorrow.

KfromMichigan said...

Prayers and hugs to Minina. Hoping nothing serious! And that she stays clear of the third floor!

Ann said...

Hoping all is well with Minina--I sit here trying to type with a cat curled up beside me!

Anonymous said...

It has been a terrible 2 weeks for humans and pets. Even today Ed took my daughter to emergency room and the gate in parking came down on his head breaking his glasses. He thought it was going to knock him out. Hope Minina is ok

Nancy said...

I'm glad you were home and that she came into the house where she was safe and you could observe her. Poor little girl...I'll be thinking of her.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope she's OK!

Like Judy said, this IS a bad week! My Charlie ate a whole chicken carcass (just the bones) Sunday afternoon and spent the entire day at the vet Monday. X-rays, meds, observation, etc $355!!!

Good thing vets are a lot less expensive there.

Isla Chica