Friday, December 11, 2009

Where did the week go?

We have been busy - busy with guests, busy cooking and cleaning, busy with final apartment preparations, busy with animals, and busy being exhausted.

Our houseguests are a delight and so much fun to see them enjoying the island and their vacation. I have yet to meet our apartment guest, something I try to do the first couple of days they are here. But the timing hasn't worked out - we went by a couple of times and she was either out or sleeping. She was going to come over yesterday but then the golf cart went in for repair. Maybe today.

The dsl modem also died, which meant a trip to Cancun and Telmex to exchange for a new one. I took the opportunity to pick up final 'stuff' for the new apartment. Miguel thinks I love shopping - he's wrong, I just love having everything organized and part of that organization meant shopping for things for the apartments.

No internet at the house is very inconvenient, but there is now an internet cafe right around the corner from us, so that allowed me to check in while we were 'down' at the house.

A visit to Telmex used to mean hours of standing and waiting for my turn; I wasn't looking forward to the day. I took a book. My number was 89, and they were currently serving 85. Very different than the days when I had 30 numbers ahead of me. They had six chairs in front of a tv and a screen displaying the numbers, so I sat down and prepared to wait. I decided not to get into my book in case I missed my number.

So I sat and people-watched. The booth closest to me finished with its client, but then she took her purse out of a drawer and puttered around and then got up and left - supposedly for a break.

Then another booth finished with its client, but the woman took out a mirror and applied lipstick, and puttered around, and then got up and left too. Great - I was hitting break time - this was going to take longer afterall.

But it was really only about 20 minutes, and the booth around the corner called my number. I handed my phone receipt to the guy, along with the dead modem, and he quickly searched in the computer. He handed me a box from the pile on the desk and told me to just hook it up and it would all work. Really? Could it possibly be that easy?

After Telmex I walked over to Walmart, and at the end of that shopping binge, I called Luis to pick me up. We went to Costco, Sorianna, and two drugstores to finish my errands. I completed all the things on my list in two hours - zoom, zoom.

When I got home I was tired and reluctant to even try to hook up the modem - just wasn't in the mood to fight with technology. But I hadn't checked email at all that day, so knew I needed to get on it in case there were reservation requests.

I hooked up the modem, and couldn't believe that it all worked. I still had to hook the router into the modem in order to get the phone working, and delayed on that for a couple of hours, anticipating a struggle. But in the end that worked like a charm too.

So we're once again back to normal - 'normal' as defined here at Casa Susana. We're still tired and busy - Saturday is D-day to have it all together at the apartment. I can't wait to see how it looks.


Ann said...

That's great--it always nice to finish up faster than expected!

Bennie said...

Wow, that just sounded way too easy. Geez it's not even that easy in the States to get the cable modem working.