Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dave and Sally

I don't usually write about our guests, some of them actually read this blog, and  I feel that the details of their vacation are theirs to tell.

However, recent guests at Dentro del Jardin were people I thought would be open to me writing about them. They are Canadians...musicians from the Vernon, British Columbia area.

I first heard Sally's upbeat voice when they got out of the taxi and praised the driver for finding our home. Then she praised me for the great directions. Our introduction to Dave and Sally was a warm hug, fitting for a couple who are such kind and generous people.


Dave and Sally are in a band. Dave plays the drums  and the harmonica, and Sally plays guitar, and of course they both sing. Sally sings with her sister or with the band - in whole or in part. We quickly got used to hearing Sally's sweet voice singing away up in the alcove - and it made us smile, knowing she was happy and having a good time.

One evening after going into town, Dave and Sally told us they were hoping to 'jam' with the guys at Miguel's Moonlight. I couldn't stand it, I had to invite myself (and Miguel) to meet up with them there and watch them perform. Technical difficulties prevented us from seeing a full performance, but we did listen to Sally sing and play the guitar at our table. If Miguel hadn't been overdressed and uncomfortably hot, we would have stayed out late (gasp!), and of course, right after we left the technical glitches were fixed and we missed the main 'jam'.

The next day Sally wasn't feeling well, and the house was strangely quiet, it had lost its energy from the couple upstairs. Dave did a great job taking care of his wife, walking to the store and just quietly staying nearby in case she needed anything. But I don't think you can keep Sally down for long, because by the afternoon she was eating chicken done on the grill, and the next day she was up on the top deck dancing and singing the afternoon away. It was great to have our Sally back!

We enjoyed every moment that Dave and Sally stayed in our home, and we really hated to see them go. We are hoping they will find a way to come back to Isla (I know, it's a LONG way) because I really look forward to seeing them perform and of course, just having them around. They are a wonderful, fun couple, and if you live in the Okanagan Valley area of British Columbia , you might want to check them out at their next gig. The Evans Sisters and The Top Dawgs play rock, rock n roll and country rock! Go to their website for more info about Sally and Dave and their band and where they are playing!

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Jane said...

Dave looks exactly like a guy I heard playing the drums a few years ago, which drew me towards a place on Hidalgo--what place, I don’t remember, but I do remember the drummer, and the owner of the drum set, on which Dave? played so well that I didn't want him to stop. But he was too polite to hog a set of drums that were not his.