Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dollarama Junkie

When I was trying to furnish my home here in Mexico, I would make the rounds of all the favorite places - Canadian Tire, Zeller's, Walmart, Sears, and Dollarama.

Canadian Tire was great for small appliances, lights, pool supplies, and tools.

Zeller's was great for clothing (gifts for the locals), kitchen gadgets, bath and bedding, and pet supplies.

Walmart was great for garden stuff, personal hygiene items, bedding, and electronics.

Dollarama - it was good for a lot of things - glass and dish ware, ceramics, plastics, utensils, garden supplies, small tools, cleaning supplies, baggies, garbage bags, storage bags, and odds and ends. It was also great at holiday time - to pick up small items for kid's gifts or decorations.

With every trip back to Canada I would stop by the Dollarama, conveniently located in the plaza right behind my condo complex. The first two aisles were the most tempting - kitchen items. Show me a pretty colored dish and I have to have it - and not just that one, but all the colors it comes in.

I had no idea when I was buying this stuff that one day we would be doing a bed and breakfast; I bought because I liked it and figured it would have a use one day. Well, the day is here and the items I lovingly stuck into my suitcases and hauled down over the years are now providing color on the table here at Dentro del Jardin. Take a look...

This is just a sample, and I know there is more waiting for me the next time I visit Dollarama. I can't help it, I guess it's an addiction?


Life's a Beach! said...

The bright colors are perfect for Mexico! I love shopping in the Dollar stores here.

Ann said...

We have sevearl Dollar store nearby & I always find great stuff there. Having been a Home Ec teacher & worked in retailing for years in the home areas I have LOTS of goodies stashed away!

IslaZina said...

Pack rats, all of us from North of the border! NOB. I was talking to Pete from Asia Caribbe and even here, he can't help himself. If you see something in a store that you may need or three of your friends may want, buy it because you may never see it again. That's how I shop in Ohio's dollar stores and I can hardly wait to go back!

jeanie said...

I have fallen under the spell of Dollarama too. There are other dollar stores but Dollarama was the first HUGE one. I don't know if you've notice Sue but they have multiplied. I know of 3 in St.Kitts alone. The weird thing is that they are all in former grocery stores.