Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things you come to know

Over time, I've learned:

When the dog suddenly pulls his lips into a sort of grin he is about to vomit.

When Miguel leaves the house and says he'll be back 'later', that may mean 'much later'.

When someone says they like the food but they leave half a plate, they didn't like the food.

When petting a cat, watch their eyes, because there is a slight change before they suddenly bite you.

When a cat is licking an area too much, it means they have an injury there.

When the dog scratches an area and then comes over to me, it means he thinks he has a tick that I need to remove.

When the three cats are all staring at the garbage can in the middle of the night, in the dark, it means there is an insect they are monitoring.

When Smokey jumps into your bed in the middle of the night and pushes her paws to 'play' with your feet, she is not playing with your feet, she is playing with the insect she found and has brought it into bed to show you.

When you have been monitoring reservation requests all day and finally shut down the computer, one will come in on your ipod and then you can't respond because the reservation database is on the computer and you aren't sure if you have availability.

When you're trying really hard to be quiet, you will drop something or knock against something, making a horrible racket.

The minute you go in for a siesta, someone will either call or come to the gate. Stay tuned, this topic will be a future blog called "The 'almost' siesta".


Life's a Beach! said...

Sue, I'm glad those reservations are coming in! I think I need to make a list from my household. Great post!

IslaZina said...

You are very on point with these observations. Also, if you don't answer the reservation request immediately, some one else will get it.

Sue said...

Beck - I will look for your list!

Z - you are right, there seems to be a lot of mass requesting going on, and the one who gets back to them first gets the booking. "early bird", I think they call it?