Friday, February 12, 2010

Natural sand boxes

Anyone who has been outside of Centro will have noticed the occasional (and sometimes frequent) piles of sand dumped at the side of a road. The sand is used to mix with gravel and bags of cement to prepare concrete. There are lots of construction projects going on around the island, providing natural sandboxes for some of the local residents.

Dogs love to lie on top of the piles of sand and bask in the sun. Dogs also like to mark the sand and claim it as their own. I'm sure once the sand is mixed it loses its funky additives (I hope that's the case!).

Kids use the piles of sand as sandboxes. No need to build a sandbox, just send the kids out to play and they'll likely find a pile of sand nearby.

There is a pile of sand a few doors down from our house. The master bricklayer is a friend of Miguel's. Miguel's cousin came by the other morning to shoot the breeze, and when I went outside a little later, I found the three men down the road. Sitting in the pile of sand, cokes in hand, yapping away about whatever it is that they talk about. Loco was there too, at Miguel's feet, in the base of the sandbox.

Gradually, as the sand is mixed for concrete, the pile diminishes and all that is left is a tiny pile at the side of the road. Still enough for stray dogs to make a bed. Finally the rains will wash it away, and the sandbox will be gone. But just look around, there is likely another sandbox just around the corner.

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Life's a Beach! said...

Sue, I've seen those piles of sand! Around here, Craig gets the leftovers from the new construction sand to sweep into the cracks between pavers in our courtyard. It needs to be done again and I have my eye on a sandbox a block away!

We have a little pile of sand in the bottom of our chiminea in the backyard. Unfortunately, the cat next door thinks it's a litter box!