Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The end of another week in Canada

As usual, my time is up before I accomplished everything I'd hoped. Seems something always comes up, this time it was the accident with the deer. Monday was a loss, and this afternoon I'm waiting for a call from the insurance company to find out what they have decided to do about my car. If the repair is going to be too high, they are going to write it off and 'make me an offer'. Hmmm...somehow I don't think the offer is going to make up for the loss of a perfectly good car with low mileage and a great body (the car, not the owner). I should know in the next hour or so.

I promised the kids I'd make pot roast today. I delayed putting in on until 3 pm, hoping we could get the car business sorted out before then, since I really don't like going out and leaving something cooking on the stove. But now the roast is on (and it smells yummy, by the way), and I'm still waiting to hear from the agent.

So, things I didn't get done:

1. Most important, I didn't sort through any of my 'stuff' here, and since I am getting ready to sell this place, I really need to get it cleared out. So probably another trip in the summer is warranted.

2. I didn't eat at Swiss Chalet. I didn't eat there the last time either! This time I actually drove to the restaurant, but oops - where the restaurant should have been was a big mound of dirt. Yup, they tore down the building and plowed the land. Not sure what's going up in that spot. There are other Swiss Chalet's around but it would have meant retracing steps. So I decided on pizza at the corner store instead.

3. I was able to cancel my Canadian health insurance, something I've been trying to do for a couple of years. I tried online (and then they changed the forms and they didn't make sense for my situation), and I called them - neither worked. So today I went in person, and in 5 minutes or less, I was canceled out of the system. Not that I wanted to be canceled, mind you, but that's the law - unless I continue to reside about 6 months in Canada, I am not entitled to free coverage under OHIP.

4. I didn't get to try Mama's Kitchen. I found out about this new restaurant from a business card that Miko left in my car. Miko says it's great Mexican food, similar to Isla. Not that I really need to eat Mexican food while I'm here, but I was curious to check it out and report back to Miguel.

What I was able to do was eat a few dishes of fresh local strawberries. And I made parmesan chicken for Jen, one of her favorite dishes and something I just recently perfected. I also got together with family - we all went to my aunt's house for a nice BBQ and gathering.

I'm actually all packed now, another small miracle. I even have receipts for what I'm taking back. As disorganized I am in my condo, I am very organized in my suitcases. Small miracles.


Ann said...

Safe trip back to Isla & glad you accomplished some things on your list!

Life's a Beach! said...

Hope you have an uneventful trip home!

jeanie said...

Sue where is Mamas Kitchen?

drgeo said...

When the insurance adjuster calls to make an offer on your car, you could say "Is that your best offer? I'm going to ask all my readers if they think I should accept it, so I want your company to be represented in the best light possible!"

See if that gets you a better deal?

Sue said...

Thanks, everyone!

Jeanie - Mama's Kitchen is on Lake Street, just before you get to Welland Ave if you are coming from the highway. 120 Lake St, I think.

DrGeo - I didn't have to wheel and deal, they are fixing my car instead. Funny, I had wanted to sell it but I'm actually not ready to part with it yet, so I'm glad they fixed it. I still need wheels for this year when I'm there.