Monday, June 7, 2010

Indulge Me

I love the talent in this show from Mexico "La Academia". Last night was the final, and my favorite group (Equipo Amarillo) won. Three of the young men are from Argentina and competed in past years. But as the name of the show indicates, this was their 'Second Chance' and they deserved the win.

This video is not the best to show-off their voices, but it shows their depth as singers and musicians.

And although they don't dance in the video, boy can they dance. Yup, I'm a fan!

Here's a video from previous weeks of another team - Equipo Verde Militar. They came in fourth last night. This video shows their heart and appeal to the masses.

There, I'm done now. Thanks for indulging me.


Anonymous said...

We dont get that show here, but I remember watching it with you both. It was very entertaining. Seeing it again on your blog makes me wanna go back to Isla..miss you both. Give Loco a scratch behind the ears for us :)
- Troy & Carreen

Sue said...

Troy & Carreen - That darn show was addictive. Of course, it's the only show I ever watch here, so that made it extra special - Sunday nights, 3.5 hrs in front of the tv. I miss the show! And Troy - I have been doing that poke in the side with Loco, and it is working great! Thanks for the help with that!