Saturday, June 26, 2010

We should have known better

Yesterday was one of those days where it looked like it could rain, and then it cleared. All day long. So when it came to going out to pick up Milagro's pizza around 6 pm, Loco and I were ready.

The skies to the east were black, and as soon as we hit the main road, I felt a few spits of rain. As we drove, the sky got even blacker, but I thought we might outrun it because to the north it didn't look that bad (and that's the direction we were going).

We pulled into the parking area at Milagro's and I went in, leaving Miguel and Loco sitting on the golf cart. As soon as I'd placed our order, the wind kicked up and the rain came down hard. The guys inside the restaurant put up the doors to close off the open balcony and stop the wind from blowing the rain into the take-out area. I looked outside and Miguel had moved over to my side of the cart.

The wind and rain came harder, and Miguel was now trying to keep dry with a bath towel he'd had on the seat. Loco's face stared at me, he was soaked and miserable. Loco hates water.

And then there was thunder, and as much as Loco hates water, he hates thunder more. In fact, it terrifies him so much that he gets the shakes. But there was nothing I could do for either of them, they just sat there and got soaked. Once you're soaked, you really can't get more soaked. You just get cold.

Finally the food was ready and I tried to decide if I should seek shelter under the eaves where a dozen other people had abandoned their mopeds to get out of the wind and rain. I found a little space behind the water jugs, which protected me from the blowing rain but not from the roof run-off. Quickly I was as soaked as everyone else. I kept looking at the huge garage at Milagro's, and gestured to Miguel to go inside, but he declined. I was tired of rain pouring over me like a shower, so I went into the garage. Why nobody else thought to do that I don't know, because it was perfectly dry in there and there was plenty of room for everyone. Maybe they felt they would be trespassing, Mexicans are very conscious about trodding on private property. Somehow I didn't think the owners would mind.

There is a point in this type of storm where you know you have a window of opportunity to clear out. The wind died down and the rain slowed down. Quickly I joined Miguel and Loco, and we emptied Miguel's pockets into my purse, which was soaked on the outside but seems to be water-resistant inside. Off we went, encountering huge puddles in the road that forced us to drive slowly so the engine wouldn't get wet and stall. And as predicted, the rain stopped and we made it home without more soaking, not that it would have mattered, we couldn't be any wetter. We should have known better than to go out with those black skies.

Poor Loco was a sight, and he didn't appreciate having to stay on the front porch to dry off. After we finished our pizza I took him a small piece, but he was so miserable he didn't even want it. He just wanted to come in the house, and so I gave in. He didn't smell very good, but after he dried off he was fine.

While we were out the cats were all on the back terrace, but the shed was open so they were able to find shelter. When I opened the back door they all came running in, slipping and sliding on the floor as they scurried through the kitchen. It was the kind of evening where you give up keeping the floor clean and dry.

The laundry on the line was soaked, and another downpour around midnight gave it a third rinse. At 5 am I heard the wind start to howl again, and I thought that meant more rain, so I got up and brought in all the wet laundry and put it on a rack in the dining room, with the fan on full. It is still there, still damp.

All day we will be experiencing the outer bands of Tropical Storm Alex. Not a good day for the beach, not a good day to do laundry, not a good day for tourists. But the heat and humidity have gone, bringing a welcome relief to those of us who live here. There is a lovely breeze and for once I'm not sweating.

It's Saturday, the dishes are done and the floors are clean. I think it's nap time.


Jackie said...

Was the pizza worth it? I had Milagros Pizza once and thought it was very good.
I hope that TS Alex tracks the way it shows on the site yo linked to and not toward oil spill. I heard on the news last night that if the storm goes toward the oil it might derail cleanup for a couple of weeks.

Life's a Beach! said...

I hate to sound selfish, but I'm glad I missed this one. I've never been as wet as I was in November. Which reminds me -- pack poncho! I feel Loco's pain. Saby's terrified of wind and thunder and gets the shakes! Hope those outer bands blow on by quickly!

Ann said...

Glad the major brunt of the storm is missing Isla!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, where abouts is Milagros pizza? many thanks!

Sue said...

Jackie - it was worth it, it is probably the best pizza I've ever had. Ever.

Beck - you're not selfish, after November you deserve good weather.

Ann - me too!

Anon? - it's along the airport strip on the west side, right at Milagro's apartments and that huge garage.