Saturday, June 5, 2010

Taking a page out of Cappuchina's book

Cappuchina has figured out how to co-exist with the other cats here in the house, specifically Minina and Maya, the two cats who don't much care for her presence. She plays 'dead'.

When the other cats are around, Cappuchina simply lies on the ground and doesn't move. This seems to calm the other cats and although they may sniff at Cappuchina, they don't have the heart to give her a clout. It's funny to enter the kitchen and find two or three cats all lying on the floor - one playing dead and the other two studying the 'corpse' - from a distance.

Last evening Cappuchina was up on the couch with us. Along came Minina. Cappuchina simply rolled on her back and stuck her paws up in the air - "I'm dead, I give", is what she seemed to be telling Minina. Minina settled on the sofa, on her chest with her paws tucked underneath. As time wore on, Cappuchina rolled her way closer to Minina, all the while keeping her eyes closed and her belly exposed. Minina woke up from her slumber to find Cappuchina a little too close. Her response? She closed her eyes and turned her head away from Cappuchina. The message was clear - "I don't even want to look at you".

It's been a wearing few weeks, and today is uncomfortably humid. So I'm thinking I just might spend the day lying around and playing dead. My location of choice? The hammock on the pool terrace, where I can just roll out and into the pool, and then roll back in and close my eyes and shut out the world once again. Maybe after that I will open my eyes and discover that the oil spill has been contained, the wildlife suffering has eased, Miguel has won the lottery, and someone has cleaned the house from top to bottom. And that those near and dear to me who are going through personal 'issues' get it all sorted out and are healed. I'll even forgo the house-cleaning in favor of everything else getting resolved. Sound like a plan?


Ann said...

I can only pray that some of your wishes come true!

Life's a Beach! said...

It was really hot here today, so we both played dead after our chores. Hope everything gets sorted out, especially with those close friends who are having problems.