Sunday, June 21, 2009

Did I detect some tremors?

I can't remember exactly when, but recently I was still in bed enjoying the last few moments of sleep when I felt the ground shaking. I was enough asleep that I didn't pay attention to it (or thought it was part of a dream), and I didn't remember it when I woke up.

A week ago I noticed a new crack in the terrace ceiling, and when I pointed it out to Miguel, he mentioned that the earthquake that had recently hit south of us (maybe Honduras or Belize? - can't remember), had also sent tremors up our way. Ah - suddenly I remembered the shaking during my sleep, and realized it had not been a dream. Funny how memory can be recalled like that - something seemingly forgotten pops back into memory triggered by something else.

I have felt earthquakes before, usually in the pre-dawn mornings while still in bed. The strongest one was when I was living in St Catharines, and it rattled the condo and made the pictures swing. It's a freaky surprise, and one I never react to because I am not tuned into reacting to earthquakes. By the time I'm awake, it's usually over and I wonder if it was my imagination.

My house is built on rock, so I can only imagine the power of an earthquake so far away that could result in individual homes shaking enough to be noticed here on Isla. I hope I never get to feel the real deal here; the noisy, shaky ground we felt during Hurricane Wilma was close enough. And if I never experience another hurricane here, that will be just fine too!


Jackie said...

The big earthquake awhile back was centered in Honduras. My friends who live on Roatan had to evacuate in preparedness for a tsunami which thankfully didn’t happen.

Life's a Beach! said...

I used to have that happen to me in Seattle occasionally. I'd wake up in the night and then hear the next morning that there was a small earthquake somewhere out in the valley. And then we'd have a bigger one in daylight hours where you definitely knew you weren't dreaming! Little cracks up around the ceilings. Rock and roll! We lived up on rock too, so we weren't as affected as those down in valley areas.

Bennie said...

I've felt earthquakes before, generally in California though. the one in Mexico City back in the early 80's was so bad it shook skysrapers in Oklahoma City.

I just happened to be in one that day and you saw the water in the toilet making little waves. I couldn't really feel it but we were told it was caused ty the quake in Mexico City. Who knows, I'm just glad I don't have to deal with them.

Although, Charleston SC is in an area that is prone to Earthquakes.