Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm still waiting for the story

In April, Miguel made an emergency trip to his homeland in Oaxaca; a tiny village in the mountains near the ruins of Monte Alban.

There are no landline phones there, and in order to call me on a cell phone Miguel had to walk about 2 km to a higher spot on the mountain in order to get a signal.

So, I did not hear from Miguel every day to know how things were going or what he was up to. He did take some pictures, and I did hear some stories when he got back.

But I want to know more about this:

I'm not sure I want to know more about THIS:

Miguel is a great story-teller - very animated with great facial expressions. When I listen to his stories I am in awe - he has lived an amazing life and I keep encouraging him to write about his life. He tells me he will, one day...when he's not busy.

We clearly have different ideas of the meaning of 'busy', because, to Miguel, drinking with his buddies qualifies as time well-spent. He calls it 'conducting business'. To me it's a waste of time and he could be writing his stories.

If I ever coral the man long enough to write about his life in Oaxaca, I promise to share. I guarantee the wait will be worth it.


Life's a Beach! said...

LOL! Sue, it's a man thing! I've got two in my household (well, only one on a permanent basis) and they both consider time with the buddies golfing and/or drinking a brew to be time well spent!

Anonymous said...

Ha. I dont see where the confusion is? :-)))ha

Anonymous said...

Doh--- last post was me, carl/debbie. I cant post unless i use the annomous thing. And it looks like Miguel is doing a FINE JOB of conducting business. 2 thumbs up Miguel!!!

jeanie said...

I would love to hear Miguel tell his stories. Maybe someday when you get that video camera he could tell them in installments. Perhaps they could be part of your website.OK I'm getting carried away LOL.

KfromMichigan said...

Well the time spend with buddies is priceless. We all need good friends. As he tells his stories you could write them down. Then when the book is published you get 80 percent of the profits!

Sue said...

Ok, I guess I should have clarified - it depends on the frequency of the "conducting business" that we are in conflict about.

K - nice try, but Miguel needs to write his own story. I have my own to do, although I do like the idea of 80% of the proceeds!

Bennie said...

These are great pics Miguel took.

We all live very intresting lives and we should write about them. I am sure Miguel has seen things I'd never even dream of. You need to coral him.

Islagringo said...

Time spent with friends is never a waste, no matter what the activity.

I have a Mexican friend who tells the best stories of his childhood. I have often thought of getting a mini-recorder, like a dictaphone, and when he starts one of his stories turning it on. You know Miquel will never write anything. It is up to you to tell his tales.