Wednesday, June 3, 2009


As a non-drinker, I don't have an appreciation of why people enjoy getting drunk. I also don't have a lot of experience with drunks, but I am getting some exposure while living here. I've seen:

A drunk man tottering on the edge of a curb, on his toes. Swaying forward and then backward and then losing his balance and taking that large drunken step into the street.

A drunk staggering along the sidewalk, bottle in hand, making his way home (I presume).

Drunken workers with blood-shot eyes and a rough look the morning after.

A drunk on a bicycle, weaving across the road.

A group of drinkers gathered on a street, shooting the breeze with each other.

Two men sitting on a curb drinking and chatting. When they finished their bottle of beer, one headed to the store across the street and came back with 4 more bottles. They had an empty pop can on the ground between them to pry off the caps.

A golf cart loaded with tourists coming towards us, the female driver crossing the center line over to our side of the road, hand outstretched holding onto her glass of beer, which she raised in our honor as she yanked the steering wheel to get back to her side of the road and avoid a collision. Have another, chica.

A drunk passed out on the side of the road, body outstretched, looking like he'd been struck by a car but actually, he was just sleeping it off where he fell.

A drunk passed out on the sidewalk outside a local restaurant. It was Sunday, families were gathered around, nobody paid any attention to the drunk. People passing by stepped around him, or over him. Those stepping over him let out a shriek, so either he grabbed their ankles as they passed by or they were just freaked out about finding him there on the sidewalk. Somehow I don't think they were freaked out, nobody was the least concerned with the drunk. The local police cruised by, not noticing the body on the sidewalk as he was strategically placed behind his parked moped. And so he slept.

And we ate our lunch. And ignored the drunk too.


Life's a Beach! said...

On my early morning Sunday Isla walks, I always noticed the police rousing all the drunks passed out on the sidewalk and benches along Medina. I don't really understand it either since I'm not a drinker. One margarita and I have a massive headache!

Last trip, we watched a drunk I've been seeing the past few trips to the island. He'd sit on the curb in front of the mini-mart across from Almendros with his beer. He'd finish one and stagger in to buy another one. His face was sunburned beet red from sitting there drunk all day. Ugh.

Bennie said...

I am glad that drinking is not one of my addictions. I just don't find the feeling bad the next morning worth it. I will have an occasional drink but if I never had another I'd be OK with that too.

Islagringo said...

We only drink if we go downtown. Better if we stay home! My neighbors to the south are very big Sunday drinkers. From sunup to sundown, they are out front drinking one cuama after the other. At least, for the most part, they are quiet about it.

Sue said...

Beck and Wayne - and so you have confirmed that the Isla drunks are quiet. I have to say, for the number of people drinking, there are few brawls (that I know of - like I'd

Bennie - I can't remember if I ever saw you with a drink, probably not.