Monday, August 23, 2010

Another use for a broom

One of my first blog posts was about brooms and how they are used and abused here in Mexico. Well, today I found one more use for the old broom.

Miguel was up on the roof and needed the jug of bleach and the camera. He didn't have a rope to throw me. But an old pink broom was hanging around. I threaded the handle of the bleach jug through the broom handle, and then the strap of the camera bag. The brush end of the broom acted as a holder. At full stretch Miguel was just able to grab the other end of the broom and haul everything up.

And he kept the broom up there. I bet he is going to use it to scrub down the walls of the tank. And we'll have to buy another broom to do the job that was being done by the pink broom. Because once a broom has been relocated, it seldom makes its way back home. I hope it enjoys the sunny roof!!


Anonymous said...

when i moved down to the south side of lake chapala, i found that -- as in many mexican houses --there was no place to hang my clothes. however, there was a shelf with several curlycue braces. i unscrewed the top of my old broom, placed it in the curlycue braces and immediately had a clothes rod!

barb on the (for now) southside of lake chapala

Life's a Beach! said...

Post some of the photos from Miguels trip to the roof! At least I assume that's why he wanted the camera up there along with a jug of bleach! Brooms are wonderful (just like clotheslines)!