Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A plate loaded with carbs

Following up on one of my posts last week, here is a photo of Jen's dinner at Cracker Barrel:

Chicken and Dumplings, which comes with 3 sides. As you can see, Jen ordered macaroni and cheese for all of her sides. What can I say, she's pregnant?! (but I would have done the same thing, so can't blame the baby).


Jackie said...

No Cracker Barrels out here on the west coast. I have only eaten at the Cracker Barrel in Fort Myers on the way to the airport a couple of years ago. Did have the chicken and dumplings and it was really good.

Ann said...

Never eaten at one either! I drive by one on the way to my Mom's, but never stopped. I love Mac & Cheese though--at a club Alan belongs to the woman who coooks dinner for their meetings makes delicious M & C & I always fill my plate when it's served.

Life's a Beach! said...

I met my first Cracker Barrel in Tulsa, Oklahoma when I met my friend Judy for lunch. I love the retro candy in the shop. Moon Pies! Now we hit them on roadtrips in New Mexico and Oklahoma. There's actually one on I-10 west of here, but we've never stopped. I've got a hankerin' for one of their turkey dinners, but unfortunately, I'm on a boring diet. The all carb plate reminds me of Sunday dinner at Craig's mother's way back when. She'd serve an all-white carb bomb except for the fried chicken.