Sunday, August 29, 2010

Island Nature

We both are nature-lovers. Beautiful plants, birds and animals, rocks, sand, the sea - it's all here on this tiny island.

Driving to the market the other morning we came upon the shallow part of Salina Grande loaded with birds making a meal of small fish:

Yesterday I was sweeping the passageway between our house and our neighbor's and I noticed the beautiful display of flowers up at the side of the house. This morning we took our coffee out on the front terrace. Here's what was making the terrace so fragrant.

What more could you want on a Sunday morning? A hammock, a gentle breeze, sweet blossoms, birds chirping, and a great cup of coffee. We didn't get long to enjoy it because Telebodega is bringing a fridge for one of Miguel's clients today and he had to go over to the house to wait for them. No telling when they'll show up, hopefully it won't be too late because I'm home waiting for him to come back for breakfast.

But no matter how the day ends, it started great!


Mic said...

...and now you've started my day off great :-) Thanks

Ann said...

Beautiful photos, Sue! Do you know what kind of flower that is? Sort of looks like something in the mallow family....

Life's a Beach! said...

Gorgeous photos Sue! And the flowers are beautiful! Right now, I'm really missing Isla. Wish I could come back and spend a month on the island!