Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Visit to Isla's Prettiest Restaurant

Some of the best food on the island is dished out at places that are not that great to look at. Some are along the beach, some are in back gardens, and some are in the colonias. But I am going to suggest that the prettiest restaurant is right on a corner in downtown Isla. M&J's Restaurant has moved, and I love the look and feel of the new spot. It feels like a sidewalk cafe. And not only is it pretty, it still has the same great food they have been famous for all these years. Good things to look at, great food in my tummy, and a sunny Saturday on Isla - what more could you want?

The colorful cafe-style patio. Plans are in the works to put a shade cover over the patio, with a ceiling fan.

The nostalgia wall - old pictures of how the island used to look. Wish it still looked like that!

This table pulled me over, it was perfect for our meal and it knew it. I love the little man who shakes pepper out of his sombrero.

The wall I couldn't take my eyes off - I love this shade of blue and all the ornaments. So charming!

More colorful tables out on the patio.

My breakfast plate - the Maya crepe with the house potatoes. Delicious!

And Miguel has trained me well...I had to add some of this delicious sauce on top of the crepe. Yum!

M&J's is open for breakfast and lunch - 7 am to 2 pm. They are on the corner of Guerrero and Abosolo, you can't miss it. And...don't miss it!


Salome said...

Looks beautiful! I can't wait to get back there to have my breakfast with Marco and Pedro. Only 7 more months :( Thanks for the beautiful pictures, Sue!

Ann said...

Looks great! Thanks for sharing--I have so many places to try out next trip!

Islagringo said...

We had breakfast there Thursday morning. You have certainly caught the charm of the place. I, too, love that wall with the old pictures. If you get a chance, poke your head into the bathroom. There is a great poster in there of doors of Isla Mujeres.

drgeo said...

And yet M&J still has their same old web page ! Hardly seems right for an eatery not to pay a web designer with brunches! Next time a closeup of the smash browns, please.

Vee said...

It looks so cheery now! Thanks for the update Sue. Great photos - we'll check it out!

Jackie said...

I can't wait to check out M&J's new location in October.It looks really great.

Sue said...

Glad you all will be checking it out, it is adorable.

drgeo - you know that the wife of the restaurant owner is a web designer? None other than Julie from She did all the decorating, she's so talented. Now that the restaurant is done I'm sure she'll be updating their web page with new pictures. But I know that 'changing' a site involves more than just switching out pictures, and always takes a lot longer than you thought it would. Can't wait to see the page though, when she gets it done!