Saturday, November 8, 2008

I shopped so long my toenails grew

Yesterday I took a 'vacation' day to go to Cancun to pick up the few remaining things on my list for Miguel's apartment. Zina was also going so she invited me to share her cabbie - a guy who would drive us wherever we wanted to go, and keep our stuff in his car while we shopped at the next store. And Carlos went the extra mile a few times, loading and rearranging our growing pile of stuff, in less-than-ideal weather. He was worth every peso.

I was gone from 9:30-4:30, give or take a few minutes on either end. Apparently long enough for my toenail to have grown long enough to cause pain in my left big toe. Today I cut out the offending fragment. Ah, relief!

Today I'm cold. The weather looked promising in the morning, but by mid-afternoon the wind was brisk and the sun was hiding behind clouds. So I cooked up the stewing beef I bought at Costco - half made traditional beef stew, the other half made beef cacciatore. Crisp fall days in Canada call for beef stew, and this is the closest we get to 'crisp' days here. So the stew warmed my belly, and now I think it's time for a siesta.


Life's a Beach! said...

I was trying to decide between beef stew and vegetable beef soup tonight. Hmmmm. Love the toenail story!


Ann said...

Funny, I took stew beef out yesterday so I could make beef stew also!

IslaZina said...

And I soaked pinto beans and started to cook them. I have a new creaton: Polak baked beans. Yep, I included the polish sausage I got a Costco! and three slices of smoke free range bacon from Mirtita!