Monday, November 17, 2008

Still windy, Still cold

Geez - can't believe I'm from Canada. The cold wind is too much for me. My wind-breaker is hardly breaking wind (hmmm...THAT doesn't sound right). Try light jacket is not enough to keep me warm, even with my hands tucked into the sleeves. I remember my first November here after I bought my house. There was a house-warming party with a few friends, and it was chilly then too. Delfino and Ana arrived - Ana wrapped in layers of warm clothing, including a long scarf. And she's from Canada too! So it's not just me maybe?

The sun came out this afternoon for a couple of hours and I thought the cold front had passed. But then it came back. The animals are cold too. They are all seeking out fuzzy blanket pieces to sleep on and keep them warm. Loco has crashed on the pet sofa with his t-shirt on. All the doors and windows are closed. I lit a candle in the chimnea to bring a little warmth to the living room.

Maya's new favorite place to crash


Scottozoid said...

When I was a little boy, my Mom told me "watch the animals: they will always find the coolest spot in the summer and the warmest spot in the winter" well DUH but that left an impression on me (maybe it was an early lesson in logic)
I still use Junior Cat as a practical temp gauge she is reliable though I have not yet dared to try to get a cat to wear a t-shirt...
Loco looks adorable in his cold weather attire and I love the photo of the animals draped all over the couch, in fact I love all the animal photos.
Is it possible that animal photos could be more popular than food pics?
Stay warm!

Life's a Beach! said...

All the critters look adorable trying to keep warm and fuzzy. And Maya! So cute! I can't believe that cold spell is lasting so long down there! Once your body adapts to a climate, you do feel cold when tourists think the weather's great. I was curled up on the sofa the other day with a winter throw on me. I looked at the thermostat in the house and it was 77. I guess I'm used to 100 now, so the 70's feel cold. Especially if the wind's blowing!
Sue, I wish I could throw you one of my Columbia fleece jackets!

jeanie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE pictures of your furry family. What a wonderful life they have with you. Tiny Maya fits right in.

IslaZina said...

I just don't get it. These animals have the warmest sweaters but need more. In the US, dogs like these would still be shedding for the warmth. Oh well. I wouldn't be sleeping on a heating bad either in the US!

Sue said...

Thanks for all your comments. We are enjoying our fuzzy, furry creatures - they offer hours of entertainment, and of course, baby Maya is right there in the thick of things now.

Beck - the blood is thinner, or something along those lines. If I were in Canada this temperature would be called early spring or Indian summer and we'd be loving it. Here, it feels chilly - doesn't help that the wind is blowing like it has been, that is probably what makes it seem so cold.

Zina - Loco usually only wears his t-shirt when he's going on the golf cart - the wind really bites. I had not gotten around to taking it off when he went for his siesta that night, but I do think he would get too hot inside if I left it on.