Saturday, November 29, 2008

Miguel's Island Escapes

I have completed coding all the web pages for both Capi's Apartment and Dentro del Jardin B&B. This was a learning experience for me as I am not a web designer nor did I know HTML or CSS until the last couple of months. I'm enrolled in an online web program and really enjoying it. This was a labor of love, I think both properties are very special.

Miguel's Island Escapes

(The link is also over to the right at the top - "Miguel's Island Escapes".)

It was really fun to do these pages, I hope you like them!


Ann said...

Great web site, Sue--you did a wonderful job! The places look great!

Jan C said...

Beautiful! Both the accommodations AND the website :-). Good job Sue (and Miquel)!

Anonymous said...

Very nice Sue.I I have added Miguel's Island Escapes to my Mexico Favorite links on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Sue, just never cease to amaze me!!!! Wonderful website and beautiful place....The places are great....You and Miquel are a great team...I should have had Miquel come help rebuild this place here in New Orleans!!!!

Great Job Girlfriend!!!!

Sue said...

Thanks everyone, I enjoyed doing the site, and I know Miguel enjoyed doing or overseeing all the renovations. And the plants are all his, I don't dare touch!