Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hoping for the Best

As many of you know, La Negra is shared between our house and another family around the corner. La Negra has heart-worm, and was undergoing treatment here, but due to circumstances I won't go into, the woman around the corner decided to take La Negra to a vet in Cancun to complete treatment.

Today they packed La Negra into the back of a truck and off they went to Cancun. My neighbor said La Negra behaved beautifully - probably her first car ride ever.

The vet in Cancun checked her over and determined that more tests and treatments would be needed for several issues, including the heart-worm. They would keep La Negra until Friday in order to keep her quiet (a requirement of heart-worm treatment).

My neighbor had just left my house after giving me the vet's report when she called - in hysterics. Seems the vet's assistant had taken La Negra out to go to the bathroom and the leash broke. La Negra ran off, and is now lost out there somewhere in the center of Cancun, near the bus station. Tulum Avenue is so busy, I can't imagine what it must be like for her out there.

There is not much we can do but hope that she shows up, and if not, that someone kind takes her in. We know the odds are not in her favor. Tonight is a sad night here.


Life's a Beach! said...

Oh Sue, I am so sorry. That is just so terrible and sad. I'll be thinking of you and hoping Negra finds her way back to the vet's or to a loving home.

Bennie said...

Oh Sue.. I hate to hear this, I know I'm behind in reading the blogs. I hope in a later blog I'll find out that you found Negra, but I can only imagine how hard that would be considering the size of Cancun and that she was out of her normal area and wouldn't know where to return home to.