Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cancun Sandwich

On Sunday I made Sue's version of pollo adobo - chicken baked in an adobo mixture, and if possible, finished off on the grill. Not quite like the link I posted, but close.

Sunday was too windy to start up the grill but the chicken was delicious anyway. I threw together sort-of scalloped potatoes and baked those in the oven along with the chicken. Miguel made a salad and I boiled some broccoli, and we had a great meal.

Yesterday morning we had a wonderful breakfast, including our usual huge plate of fresh fruit. The mango is so good right now, and I've figured out how to eat it without triggering the itchy eyelids and lips. I remove the fruit from the skin before putting on the plate - so simple!.

Yesterday for lunch we ate the leftovers of Sunday's chicken dinner. So our stomachs should have been very full, we normally only eat two meals a day.

Late in the afternoon we were off to Cancun to see the doctor and hear her sermon based on our test results. The appointment was at 5, which happened to be the time they reopened after the midday break. We were there 10 minutes early, and the office was closed. A salesman was also there, and a few minutes after 5 he called the doctor on her cell phone to see if she would be coming. The doctor confirmed she would be there shortly.

About 5:15 the receptionist showed up and let us in. We sat down just as the phone rang. It was the doctor, calling to say she'd been in a car accident and would be delayed. The salesman and Miguel knew that delay could mean hours, and so we rescheduled to 6 pm tonight.

Luis, our taxi driver, was waiting for us, and with nothing else to do, we told him to take us to Walmart to pick up a couple of things. We ended up buying 8 flowering plants, a couple of power bars, and some rubber gloves for my dry, cracking hands (from the cold we've had here!).

Although it was only 6 pm, I was hungry again! And I was sleepy. But as we drove to the ferry, I recognized the bus station, and I knew that Tycos was nearby. I asked Luis if it would be open and he said yes, and swung the cab around and took us there.

I love the vegetarian baguettes at Tycos - loaded with marinated veggies, a little pesto, cheese, and a wonderful toasted baguette. We got the baguette 'to go', and a ham and cheese baguette for Luis, who tried to complain but just ended up saying that we were spoiling him and he would be crying when we stopped coming to Cancun so often.

The sandwich was hot and I couldn't wait to get home to eat my half. We got to the ferry just as they were loading, and in the rush to find two seats together and get our plants on the floor without damaging them, Miguel sat on my tote bag that had the sandwich. When we got home, I inspected the damage to the sandwich, and there, clear as anything, was the imprint of Miguel's butt in the squished end of the baguette.

But it didn't ruin the sandwich, and I had already eaten most of my share by the time Miguel came back in from taking the dogs out. It was SO good!


Life's a Beach! said...

It was like a panini baguette sandwich! Smashed can be wonderful! I'm also off to see the experts today to be smashed and probed again. Ugh. Here's to getting good results! :)

Islagringo said...

hahahahaha! I bet he jumped back up off that seat fast!

CancunCanuck said...

Oooh, TyCoz is a BIG fave with us. Cheap, big and yummy, we stop on our way to the beach and load up, 15 pesos for the economica and we're good to go! (Sin chile para mi, por favor). :)

Sue said...

Geez - I'm hungry again just thinking about this sandwich. It's time for comida but the cleaning lady isn't done yet and we can't leave for La Bruja until she's done. I wish I could wait for my meal and have another sandwich today (but I'd eat the whole thing this time, none of this sharing business).

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog; sometimes makes me feel like I'm right there enjoy life too.

Scottozoid said...

yum yum nuttin like pressed ham on bun

Sue said...

I'm embarrassed to say this but when we went back to Cancun on Tuesday, I was still craving the sandwich (no, it's not what anyone might be thinking - too old!). So we had Luis take us to Tycos again, but they were only doing take-out. Nasty odor coming from inside, a sewer problem, I think. I placed our order at the window but the over-powering smell almost made me just leave. Poor workers! They should have just closed, I think. Anyway, we got the sandwich, just made the ferry, and it was still hot (and unsquished) when we got home. We ate it. Yum!