Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fragrant Flowers

I'm sitting in the living room in Canada, smelling the sweet fragrance of beautiful deep pink lilies. These are the same lilies my daughter had at her wedding - a simply gorgeous flower:

In our garden in Mexico we have some sweet flowers too. The scent wafts around the front terrace and is a delightful greeting when we come home.





We have hundreds of other plants in the garden, some flowering, some foliage. The earthy smell of soil and plants and sun and water is rich. Small lizards and birds use the garden as their playground.

Right now it's snowing outside. I won't be here when it happens, but I know everyone in Canada is ready for spring. Canada in April/May is full of fragrance from the garden too - tulips, hyacinths, peonys, magnolia, flowering shrubs. Ahhh...I can smell it now.


Life's a Beach! said...

Sue, hope you're back to your flowers on Isla soon! I spent yesterday in the backyard trimming, fertilizing, moving pots, etc... All the flowering shrubs get a little ratty here in the 'winter', so I'm trying to get them back into shape so I can enjoy them before the blast furnace we call summer hits! (And then they get stressed again.) Purple and orange lantana are amazingly fragrant right now. And the rosemary smells pretty good too!

Ann said...

Anyone that has winter ie snow is more than ready for spring! We get alittle hint & then mother nature is cruel & gives us more white stuff! can't wait to see some flowers--I should go look to see if my snowdrops are up yet!

Anonymous said...

Lilies are beautiful but I can not be anywhere around them. The fragrance causes me to get a killer headache.
I am ready for spring too. Friday was a bit like spring with the sun out and high temp of about 60 degrees,

jeanie said...

Sue, Are you sure you can't hang around till Thursday? It's going up to a balmy 10C!

Bennie said...

I love the smell of the Plumeria the best of all the flowers. My next favorite is the hyacinths.

What a beatuiful picture of the lilly. I love all the flowers and the plants you talk about. Lucky for me I have a long growing season and we've had a very long season of Daffodils this year. Mine started blooming over a month back and they are still going strong. They never seem to go that long, must be a really good year for them.