Friday, February 13, 2009

Close to Home

Last night there was a plane crash at my home airport - Buffalo, NY. A small commuter plane operated by a partner with Continental Airlines, flying from Newark, NJ to Buffalo.

In my early days of working in the US, I flew Continental Airlines between Buffalo and Newark every week for a year...out on Monday morning and back on Thursday night. Upon arrival at the airport, there were always lots of people waiting to pick up arriving loved ones.

I can't imagine how horrible it must have been for them last night. My heart goes out to everyone on the plane, and their families. RIP.


CancunCanuck said...

Sue, I just read about this, what a horrible tragedy. May the families of the victims find peace.

IslaZina said...

Sue, I woke up and check my computer and then searched for more. I figured you were familiar with the airport and wondered if you might have had to leave the island briefly...and head home! So glad you are blogging on the island. So sorry for everyone near Buffalo.

Life's a Beach! said...

Sue, I've just been watching. One of the victims was a widow activist of a 9/11 victim. Absolutely horrific. Glad you're safe and sound on Isla. My heart goes out to the families.

jeanie said...

I've been watching the local Buffalo news all morning because I'm here. They still don't know what happened there was no Mayday. Most of Buffalo was without power yesterday due to a huge wind storm. We had power in Crystal Beach but lost it just about the time of the crash.

Anonymous said...

I watched the footage of the people leaving the airport without their loved ones last night in horror and sympathy. I have waited for people there for hours before. I cannot imagine receiving such devastating news while waiting there. My daughter has taken the commuter from Newark a few times since she moved abroad. She called today from England, where she heard of the tragedy from a coworker who had heard the news on the BBC.

A friend and I were just discussing this route yesterday at work. She is planning a trip to San Diego, but does not like the Newark stretch of the trip.

So far three from our small area were on the manifest, a couple from Westfield and a pilot travelling standby from Jamestown.

One of the most heartwrenching stories is of a man from Springville who was scheduled to be on the flight, but missed his connection because his flight from New Orleans was delayed. Can you imagine?

The love and support of the whole Western New York area surrounds the families of those who were lost in the crash. Bless them all.

Bennie said...

Sue, I was thinking about you when I saw this on the news Friday morning. I was getting ready to head to the airport for my flight home from Oregon. I knew you were safe and sound on Isla but I knew in my heart you had to have taken that flight at some point in your career. I just wasn't aware it was a weekly treck for you.

Islagringo said...

We too read this headline with trepidation. B is from Buffalo and his various siblings live in communities surrounding Buffalo. Thankfully, none of them in Clarence. It sure brings this kind of tragedy home though.