Friday, February 27, 2009

Highlighting a Blog - Beck

I've only met Beck briefly. I love her blog and her pictures. She often posts old family pictures, and I swear that those pictures are the same ones I have in an old box in the closet. Same clothing, same hair-unstyles, same furniture. We even both had a Grandpa Bowman.

But we are not from the same family, at least not recent generations. We never even lived in the same country. I guess we just grew up in the same period, and had similar family functions/features - siblings we hated/loved, mothers who dressed us and gave us hairstyles that they thought were 'cute'.

One day when I have time (will that day ever come???), I want to scan some of our old family photos so I can enjoy them rather than just let them sit in a box, forgotten.

Here is a recent post with pictures from Beck's garden. I'm going to see if I can do something like this with photos from our garden, hopefully this weekend.

From Beck's blog I've discovered some handy 'tools', the most recent being Feedjit, the map you see on the sidebar with all the dots showing where readers are coming from. Pretty interesting stats for the owner of the blog.

So take a peek at Life With Beck, my blog highlight for this week. Thanks, Beck for sharing!


Ann said...

I love Becky's blog! She always seems to find interesting items on Youtube & elsewhere...I don't have the patience to look! it's great to have all these cyber friends who give you peeks into their daily lives! Thanks to all for that!

Life's a Beach! said...

Thank you Sue! You made my day! You're so sweet! That's a high compliment coming from you because your blog is great! You have a wonderful knack for telling delightful stories about your everyday life on Isla!

Thanks again!

jeanie said...

Beck's blog is my first read in the morning. I love the garden decor too.

Sue said...

Ann - I don't have the patience Beck has either, and I know it must take a lot of time to do the photos and articles. She's a pro, and I think she could sell some of her pictures, they are so cheery.

Beck - you're welcome. My favorite part of your blog is your pictures. You have a great eye.

Jeanie - Beck can be counted on to have something new waiting for us almost every day.

Bennie said...

I have read Beck's blog several times and I love her pictures. The garden link you had was great. Maybe Beck needs to come do all our gardens. I have one in SC she can work on.