Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Do we hear parrots?

We used to have a large group of wild parrots living in the plants across the road from us. Miguel would tell me how he would stand on the upper levels and watch them as they perched in the trees.

One day I was sitting out front with my sister when a parrot flew over us and we spotted the flash of green. That was the extent of my parrot sighting. Every time I was here I would look for the parrots but I never saw the group - I guess I was not getting up early enough (this was before I lived here and 6 am was a little early!).

Along came Hurricane Wilma, and the parrots across the road disappeared. As did the hummingbirds and the eagle family that used to perch at the top of the cell phone tower. But now, just over three years later, Miguel says the chatter we hear in the trees is the parrots. They've returned (he says).

So now my daily morning routine will have to include climbing to the third level terrace and scouring the tree tops for parrots. I will start tomorrow and let you know what I find.


Ann said...

Good Luck spotting them!

IslaZina said...

Let me know if you hear a wolf whistle. I'll call their owners if they reveal more about themselves.

Life's a Beach! said...

I'm laughing at Zina's comment. A friend across the street in Washington State had a parrot with a fantastic wolf whistle. We'd walk out our front door and the bird would wolf whistle. I could never convince Craig that it was the parrot and not our friends. Good luck with parrot watching. It sounds like a lot more fun than duck-watching (the exotics around here).

Islagringo said...

Another amazing thing since Wilma is that we now have song birds! I never saw or heard any before that. Only those terrible black things. Gackles?? Oh, and pigeons!

Sue said...

Thanks for your comments and humor!

Anonymous said...

Good lock!