Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kranky Nuts

No, it's not a pet name for Miguel.

Yesterday morning Miguel was a happy man. His day started with his usual routine of watering his gardens, followed by a trip to the mercado to buy our daily supplies. On the way home we encountered the plant lady and Miguel bought 5 plants. New plants always make Miguel happy.

Back home we prepared a delicious and healthy breakfast, after which Miguel took his newspaper to the hammock for a read and possibly a short siesta. Then Miguel made a quick run to the apartment where his daughter gave him a packet of Kranky Nuts and a small candy bar.

When he got back home, Miguel handed me a packet of Kranky Nuts and ate the other packet. I commented at the time on the English meaning of the word 'cranky'. Miguel ate the Kranky Nuts and then, while I was working inside, he tackled cleaning the front terrace and windows. Still happy.

As part of cleaning the front terrace, Miguel cleaned the front door by spraying it with the hose. Water was coming into the living room under the door, and I knocked on the door to let him know. Not so happy now.

It was downhill from there on. My happy man, for no reason I could relate to, turned into a cranky person. His belly was full, he'd had his siesta, he'd bought plants...there was no excuse for the cranky mood other than the Kranky Nuts.

Turns out Cerveza is an antidote for Kranky Nuts. This morning Miguel is back to his cheery self. I'd better hide the other packet of Kranky Nuts before he eats them...can't take a cranky man in the house two days in a row!


Life's a Beach! said...

LOL! I needed a good laugh Sue!

jeanie said...

Kranky Nuts now tops my list of hilarious sounding Mexican food. Of coarse I still giggle every time I see Bimbo buns.

Scottozoid said...

Thanks for the foto Sue: I am relieved to see that other people take photos of mass produced consumer goods.

I always assumed it was just my personal peculiar fetish.

Please please please promise me if you see any disembodied manniquin parts in close proximity to a bag of "Kranky Nuts" you will take

Sue said...

Picking up the garbage in the street around my house, I found an empty package of Hot-Nuts. Now, I know that some nights a car stops near the bushes beside the house next door, and we've found odd things left behind (use your imagination). So, I am going to assume that Hot-Nuts are some sort of aphrodisiac. Scott, you need to get back here to do a study of packages of nuts.

Scottozoid said...

I have no idea about any aphrodisiacal qualities of legumes or tree nuts heavily preserved in high quantites of sodium and other unnatural substances, nor have I done any um personal research in those areas.

My first best guess is that MSG etc does not inspire romance but ever since the invention of this here internet thing I am constantly surprised and occasionally disgusted by what some of my fellow humans consider "romantic" or what inspires cars to stop near bushes besides houses next door.

As for "studies of packages of nuts" I think I need to tread delicately around that particular observation but as far as me returning to Isla Mujeres to take more fotos of mass produced Mexican consumer goods with amusing brand names in garishly designed packaging, I thoroughly agree and intend to do so as soon as possible.

As you know, the cheap-o little Samsung I brought with me to Isla Mujeres for New Year's crapped out on me (probably a victim of sand in the lens)

Well I am camera-less right now (and feel vulnerable and naked without a camera) but I ordered a new Canon Powershot 590 last night and should be back in business within a few days.

I should be taking my usual nutty fotos, Kranky or not, again soon.

I will possibly take the new Canon to the Fiesta Supermercado for a test drive...after all, you never know when you might stumble on to some...

Kranky nuts!