Monday, January 26, 2009

Linty House

Yeah, so the new towels are not the hit I thought they would be. The colors were so pretty, and they were so soft. They were not the cheapest but they were not the most expensive either - middle of the road, what I would buy for our personal use. I went with the best color combination I could find based on the colors of the bathroom tiles. I did not want to do white, because white shows everything and it just doesn't do anything for me, personally.

So I went with color. It took lots of trips to lots of stores in Cancun to find the right colors that included a choice of facecloth. Mexicans do not use facecloths, so many of the towel sets I would have bought were eliminated because there would not have been matching facecloths.

I washed all the towels before putting them into circulation at the apartment and the B&B. I noticed all the lint, picked a lot off, and pulled a lot out of the washing machine filter. I thought a couple more washings would take care of the problem. I thought wrong.

After guests left, I noticed the screens in the bathroom were growing Caribbean blue fuzz. Little pieces of fuzz were gathering on the floor, making sweeping a bit of a challenge. I heard from one guest that she ended up covered in blue fur after drying off. Thankfully she is a gentle person and took it in stride.

But we cannot have furry guests. So we bought a stacking washer/dryer. We really just needed the dryer to fluff the laundry and take out the lint. Miguel is in the process of buying all the pieces needed to do the installation.

And now I've noticed that the towels look a lot better when I take them off the line. Another few washings and they would probably be just fine. Not as soft as they were, but no longer fuzz-producing either.

I guess I didn't need that dryer afterall. The House of Lint is soon to be gone.

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Life's a Beach! said...

I had a big linty problem in my house, but he left. Michael left little black sock fuzz balls all over the hallway. :) I bet the dryer will still come in very handy for those rainy days when it takes forever to dry anything on Isla!