Sunday, January 11, 2009

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

You'd think Limey was getting married. Limey is what we affectionately call our golf cart. I call him other names too, but not to his face (damn cart, heap of junk). Sometimes I even make gestures at him - clenched fists, gritted teeth. I'm not positive but I might have even kicked him once.

Poor Limey. He has worked very hard for us over the last 6.5 years. He has hauled all kinds of heavy loads - furniture, concrete blocks, bags of cement, wood beams, luggage, people. He has rarely complained while working, but he takes time off when he gets over-tired.

Limey just came back from a 5-day vacation. It was a serious break this time to try to recharge his battery. Literally.

Limey's alternator/generator was broken, and his battery was declared to be beyond recharging. As well, the main belt that drives the motor was close to being kaput - split almost all the way through.

The mechanic brought Limey back today with borrowed parts. He needs a new battery and a new belt, but the store is closed until tomorrow. So the mechanic put in a battery and belt from another golf cart just to get us up and running today. Tomorrow we have to go out and buy new parts, and take him back to the mechanic to switch out the borrowed parts.

So Limey has an old motor, a new generator (gently used, actually), a borrowed battery and belt, and owners who feel blue due to the cost of his repairs.

The verse "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue", ends with "A sixpense in your shoe". I'm checking my flip flops but have not found any spare sixpense. Miguel did win the lottery last week, but Limey's vacation took care of that small windfall.

Time to go check the rest of my shoes for hidden coins. With Limey aging not-so-gracefully, I think we're going to need all the sixpense we can find.


Bennie said...

Well at least you generally know how to start Limey.

Tonight when I landed in Toronto there were NO cars at Hertz, had to wait an hour and took the first thing they had... A BMW Mini Cooper. I didn't know BMW made those what a shock, but I'll take it.

I get in the car and there are no car-keys. Only the clicker that unlocks the door. Ahhh, I see it a "Start Button". I assume it's like the Toyota and you just have to have it close by to start.

Wrong again. After fumbling for what seemed like 15 mintues I broke down and opened the manual for the car. There is a slot you slide the clicker into then press the brake then start.

Oh the story goes on and on but I'd hate to bore all your other friends.

I have the car manual in the motel room studying up for my drive to work in the morning. It's supposed to snow tonight guess I need to find out where the wipers are located.

Enjoy some sunshine for me there in Isla. And give limey a break, he's been a good cart. Talk nice to him and he might let up on you some.

Sue said...

Bennie - good luck with the car. Once you get the hang of it you'll probably love it, and you'll tell Stefan and then he'll have to have one to add to your collection. Be careful!

Bennie said...

Day 2, I'm learning this new car. But I'm not telling Stefan about it, it's too difficult to break all my old habits of how to drive a car.