Sunday, January 25, 2009

For the Foodies and Blog Lovers Amongst Us

CancunCanuck is a finalist in the Ninth Annual Weblog Awards. Great job!

As I visited the site to look at the list of nominees and to click on her behalf, I stumbled on this blog - Go Where the Taxista Takes You and immediately knew some of my 'foodie' friends would be interested in reading. I don't eat sausage but the review of the sausage sandwich in Brazil made my mouth water. I want one!

I continued reading her blog, and this entry brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet story! I can imagine our taxi driver Luis would be just as giving. There really are so many good people everywhere.

Now I have to go and read more of these blogs. My own blog entry for the day will be delayed until tomorrow.


IslaZina said...

I've got to agree! Just as I was starved and about to keel on Saturday, Carlos deposited me at a loncheria in Mercado 23 to go look for huge planters for me. The menu was extensive, nearby patrons had yummy looking plates. I got chilaquilies, the best I ever had (probably a teensy bit inferior to Miguel's, which I've never had...)But fabulous! At loncheria prices. Uhmmm...this woman seems to have quite a sauage gambit going on! Yummie....

Bennie said...

Argentina, wow that's my kind of place. I just read an article about how much beef they eat there. The average was 151 pounds per person per year. The US is about 90 pounds per year. You can bet it's my kind of place.

I had seen that taxi story before and it brigns tears to your eyes when you read it. I didn't short cut it, I read it through again because its a good reminder of how a little kindness makes such a huge difference in life.

CancunCanuck said...

Thanks so much Sue, I appreciate the support! The foodie blog is almost too much for me, I get food envy. :)