Monday, January 19, 2009

Trip Report - Sac Bajo

We finally got a break in the weather and enjoyed sunshine this past weekend. We took advantage of the weather and took Loco for a long drive, finishing up with the small dirt trails at Sac Bajo.

We were pleased to see the beach area looking much cleaner than the last time we'd been there, but there was still too much garbage left by uncaring visitors. Next time we have to plan better and take some garbage bags so we can pick up.

Miguel parked at the edge of the beach and wandered off. Loco and I sat there for a while just enjoying the view. If not for the humming of a motor somewhere, and the pounding of a couple of guys on the metal shrimp boats across the water, it would have been total peace with just the whisper of water lapping at the shore. I was surprised that the people were working on the boats on a Sunday - too bad because it ruined the peace of the whole area.

Miguel wasn't coming back in any hurry, so I decided to let Loco off his leash so he could go and join Miguel. ZOOM! Loco was off like a shot. But...not where Miguel was walking along the shore. No, he was off through the bushes. Then Zoom! out of the bushes and running around the parking lot. By now Miguel was back and Loco ran and jumped like a maniac. Then Zoom! again...this time through the bushes on the other side.

But he didn't come back. We waited but couldn't even hear Loco rustling in the bushes. We called, Miguel whistled, we clapped our hands...nothing. No sign of the crazy dog.

We were starting to get worried. Loco was running so fast that he could easily get himself lost in that maze of mangrove. Miguel decided to get on the golf cart and go to the other side and look for Loco. We looked rather silly riding around calling and whistling and clapping our hands, but we didn't come across anyone else in any case. I rode along for a bit but then decided that I should go back to where we were in case Loco came back while Miguel continued looking around the other areas.

So I walked back along the hot road calling for Loco, and just when I turned the corner to where we'd been, the crazy dog came bounding down the road. He had found his way back, or had been answering our calls - who knows. I was glad to see him but now I'd lost Miguel. I couldn't even hear the engine of the golf cart - he was way off somewhere. I hollered at the top of my lungs to let him know I'd found Loco, but there was no way he could hear me.

I didn't have the leash and I wasn't about to let go of Loco's collar. So I looked around and at the side of the road was a small piece of frayed cord - about 8" long. Just enough to loop through Loco's collar and hold onto him without being totally stooped over. We walked to a shady spot at the side of the road to wait for Miguel, who had no choice but to come back at some point.

Loco laid down - exhausted, hot and thirsty. I flicked biting bugs off my legs. About 5 minutes later I heard the golf cart engine, and Miguel still whistling for Loco. I called out and around the corner came Miguel.

So the family was reunited again but it was a bit of a scare. Loco has forfeited his chance to ever run free again, and it's really a shame because he has tons of energy and he just loved going at full speed with complete freedom. But alas, it's not to be any more. We can't risk having him get lost, or hurt, or killed.


Islagringo said...

What is it with bad dogs lately? Zina had a crazy one today too.

I love that area you were at. Always so peaceful. So quiet that it sometimes makes me nervous to sit there alone. I imagine the area is full of giant Boas....or worse! The two legged kind.

Ain't this sunshine great!

IslaZina said...

I think both Sue and I have dogs used to living on the edge. And I think they know the dog catcher is working over time. Oh yes, they can be pigeon herds or cat chasers, but deep down while they are doing it, I think they know that they are also evading the round up! I know it sounds crazy, but Lora started misbehaving about 10 days ago, when the dog catchers (s) in a municipal ayutenamento truck started rounding up.

Bennie said...

Loco sure fit's his personality doesn't it?

Life's a Beach! said...

So glad you found him Sue! Saby got out the door once in Washington to chase a squirrel in the forest and it took awhile to get her back. So she's a total leash dog now!