Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We have a pocket issue here. Miguel has too many and I don't have enough.

Miguel wears those shorts with pockets on the side, on the back, and down at the bottom of the legs. The flaps are held closed by velcro, supposedly. It must be the way I dry the shorts, because the velcro doesn't seem to work and the pockets are never closed. Miguel stuffs the pockets with his wallet and lottery tickets, and pieces of this and that that he gathers throughout the day. The pockets gape open and stuff falls out.

I find coins in the hammock, in the couch, and in the washing machine. I have washed more pieces of kleenex than I care to remember - what a mess that makes. I do a search of the pockets before I do the laundry, but with so many to check, I guess I overlook some.

Miguel's wallet has fallen out of his gaping pockets several times while riding on the golf cart. Twice he got it back, once after it had been gone for more than a week. The last time he wasn't so lucky - he lost $200 and all his id.

I've tried to help him with the pocket situation, but it's hopeless. Miguel is like an absent-minded professor when it comes to putting stuff into his pockets. He's not paying attention, he just sort of aims in the direction of the pocket and hopefully the item gets placed in there and stays there.

Me - I need more pockets. A couple of my favorite pairs of shorts do not have any pockets, so there's nowhere to put those little things I pick up from the floor. I've found that cleaning floors goes a lot better when you have pockets. Most of my pockets seem to end up with balls of lint - I don't know how it got there...lint seems to reproduce here.

The worst pocket issue is when we are rushing to catch the ferry and Miguel can't find his ferry ticket. He pulls out all the contents of all his pockets, shuffles through the papers, and doesn't find the ticket until we almost miss the ferry.

Now I am in charge of ferry tickets - we can't take the stress any more.


K.W. Michigan said...

Simple .. buy him a PURSE .. a big one! And you take over his shorts! Problem solved! He may not agree.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

The man purse isn't such a bad idea. But I think you need a short utility apron with pockets (like waiters and waitresses have) for when you clean, if that's the only time you miss having pockets.
The velcro stops sticking because the grabby part gets full of stuff like lint. When you wash the shorts make sure that the pockets are closed so they don't pick up lint from the other clothes. If you are feeling ambitious you can pick the lint out of the non-closing pockets with tweezers or just replace them with new velcro, larger pieces this time so it's easy for him to close the pockets.

Vee said...

Sue, I so love your blog. Your imaginative spin on the mundane never fails to delight and entertain me.

Sue said...

K.W. - how did you know "he may not agree"? LOL - too funny!

Theresa - I do need one of those aprons. With the B&B I am constantly picking up little things or wanting to put little things in the room, and those pockets would come in handy. And re: the lint - yeah, I know the velcro is ruined - great idea to put in bigger pieces. Thanks!

Vee - thanks, glad you enjoy!