Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm a vacation dud

This week both the apartment and our house have guests - young couples in their 20's/30's. They have energy, they are enthusiastic, they are adventurous. They've been going non-stop since starting their vacation, just crashing for a few hours here and there to recoup their energy before heading out for the next round of fun.

Miguel and I sit here and watch, like we're the mama and papa watching the kids come and go; hearing about their fun and telling them to go and have a great time. Last night the 'kids' came home around 1 am or so, and I greeted them at the door. We all sat on the couch (all except Miguel, who continued sleeping through Loco's barking and our conversation) and they told me about their day.

Our other 'kids' over at the apartment have been hard to catch up with - we wanted to offer them cochinita pibil for breakfast this morning but could not find them yesterday despite various trips over there. So we just took the food over this morning and put it on the terrace, with a note...and they found it, and they ate it, and they loved it. We finally caught up with them tonight - their last night here on the island - to say goodbye and take a group picture. They were getting ready to go out, and the kids here at the house are currently taking a nap to get ready to go out later too. Healthy young people bursting with energy.

And here we are, Miguel and I, just about ready for bed at 8:30 pm. And I realize that I never had as much energy when on vacation as these young people have. I recall being called a "bump on a log", as I literally did sit on a log on a beach in Prince Edward Island as my daughter, nephew, and her dad all did something of interest there (I cannot recall what - maybe looking for dead fish?).

I think I'm a lazy tourist. A big ol' bore, content to sit and observe and think and sleep and read and eat. Just don't ask me to walk miles or stay up late. Not unless there is a log I can rest on every now and then along the way.


IslaZina said...

Yes, me too! I would be dead if I lived life at the pace of some! It's nice to just close the door and read!

Life's a Beach! said...

My motto -- less is more. We're perfectly content to go one place and stay. Explore a little, but half the day is vegging. And people watching is half the adventure. Sue, maybe we both inherited that from Grandpa Bowman. :)

Anonymous said...

We were looking for jelly fish washed up on the beach...and I have that image of you sitting on a log burned into my memories. So typically you! :)

Bennie said...

I guess I'm more in your age group than I want to admit Sue. For my last two weeks of vacation I sat around the house like a bump on a log. And it was one of the best vacations ever. I don't know where people get that kind of energy to go all night long on just a few hours sleep. A few hours is a nap for me (that would be in addition to the 8 hours at night).

Sue said...

All - Glad to know I'm not the only one vegging.

And Jen, I know you'll never let me forget it. That along with the "but I'm not going in" story. Oh well, that's what mothers are for - to make good sources for jokes. By the way - did you find any jelly fish? That's my other flaw - I don't remember very well.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh.... to be young again. I don't exactly sit on a log but I am a veg out type too! That is what a vacation is for isn't it? :-)