Monday, November 10, 2008

Capi's Apartment

My daughter is in interior design. I am not in interior design. But I would like to be. I like planning and thinking of different options for space and color. My personal bodega (shed) is stacked with quart cans of paint that I bought to try this color or that color in my house. I think I am finally getting it right most of the time without going through several colors before I find the right one. Most of the time.

Miguel's rental apartment is painted all white right now which means the color has to come from furnishings and accessories. So we went shopping for fabric, and found what we both felt was a cheery fabric for the curtains.

We also found a futon that we thought was the best fit for his terrace sala (living room). But it only came in a greenish fabric - not our first choice, but we decided to make it work. The chairs we wanted did not come in the fabric we wanted, but my daughter, the designer, suggested using pillows to tie the pieces together, and it works.

I am putting together a website for Capi's Apartment (one of Miguel's nicknames is "Capi"). But here's a sneak preview of how it looks. I think Miguel did a fantastic job with the structural design, and we are both happy with the end result. Here are some pictures:


IslaZina said...

Oh yes, the quilt works! Did you already have the table cloth? Adorable! Nice job, Miguel.

Islaholic Trixie said...

Nice Job. Looks clean and uncluttered.

Sue said...

Zina - I bought the 'tablecloth' a month or so ago, thinking it would be a good addition to the kitchen. The colors work really well with the curtains.

Brenda - thanks! Clean and uncluttered was one of our goals. I look at some rental propery pictures and the living room and kitchen are full of the owner's stuff, and I personally would not want all that stuff around if I were renting. Going for something that appeals to us and hoping it appeals to others.

Life's a Beach! said...

It looks great Sue! I really like the colors. What general area of the island is Capi's Apartment located?

Islagringo said...

Very nice. I like white walls. They go with everything! I hope to be invited to the housewarming! LOL!

I would check those old cans of paint though if they are metal. Be careful picking them up. I learned the hard way that the bottoms rust out! In plastic, the paint dries out very quickly. Use it or loose it I guess!

Sue said...

Beck - Capi's apartment is on the first side road from the west as you turn onto La Gloria boulevard toward the Red Cross from the main west road that leads to the circle. Not far from Zina's.

Wayne - thanks for the warning on the metal cans. I think most of ours are plastic, but not sure, and what a mess that would be! Some of the plastic tubs have glops of paint that look like green or blue or red ice cream sundaes - so thick. I use that paint for things that aren't really important. At one time I thought I would be crafty and paint all kinds of wood things for the garden. I should know myself better than that.