Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ok - It's windy!

Last night a cold front blew in from the north. But not just a cold front...also a wind front. Strong gusts of chilly wind blew all night long. When it's windy Miguel props up a piece of plywood on the top level to protect the plants from the wind. All night long that piece of plywood knocked on the roof, echoing down into the bedroom.

The palm tree in front was bent over from the strength of the wind, and at some point I guess it rained because there were signs of it this morning. We actually slept upstairs with the windows open since they are south-facing and the wind was coming from the other side of the house. Other than the noise of the wind, it was great sleeping weather...nice and cool. No need for a fan.

All the animals snuggled into their various sleeping places downstairs. Maya got the laundry room, the warmest spot in the house. We are normally up between 5:30 and 6, but this morning it was 6:15 when Minina started whining at the door that it was time to get up. It wasn't that she was hungry, it wasn't that she needed to go out (she has a litter box). No, she just wanted us UP!

Maya was carrying on like she was going to keel over from starvation at any second. I heated up her food (she is now on boiled chicken and rice, to see if that controls her 'deposits' in the litter box) and she gobbled it down in no time. Good thing too, because Loco was lingering in the background just waiting for his chance to dive in and clean her dish.

We decided to go into town for breakfast, since we had to go in for other reasons anyway. I bundled up in long pants and sleeves and a jacket, Miguel wore his denim jacket, and Loco wore his t-shirt. It was cold this morning, and driving on the golf cart in the open wind felt much colder. But we were off to Alexia and Giovanni, for huevos rancheros (me) and huevos con jamon (Miguel). Miguel commented that it was good the golf cart was running fast rather than slow like it had been a couple of weeks ago. Why does he says these things? He should know the golf cart is listening.

At the restaurant, the waiter placed a plastic cup full of napkins on the table. The wind immediately blew it over and would have blown it away had Miguel not caught it. So we're left holding onto the napkin holder, until the waiter brought a dish of sauce, salt and pepper shakers, and a bottle of sauce, which we used to surround the plastic cup and force it to stay in place.

Tummies full and purchases made, we started back along the east side. The wind was at our backs. Just out of town the golf cart slowed right down. Oh no - don't break down here, now - it's too cold and we have the dog, which means someone has to walk! But the cart kept going, although much slower...and after checking under the seat and not finding anything unusual, we putted along and concluded a) the gas had water in it (we had just filled up last night, or b) the carburetor was dirty, or c) both, or d) some other cause we did not yet know about. It's multiple choice - take your pick.

Reaching the outside road between the curve and Ronco's, the wind blew the cover up on the back seat of the golf cart. It flew up and rested on my head. The back seat is in such bad shape that we couldn't get it back on without a struggle, so finally Miguel just turned the whole seat over and we continued along.

So now we're home and realizing that today's plans to grill are shot, and it's a good day to just stay in and enjoy the climate. Miguel is already dozing on the couch, and I think I'll be doing the same shortly. Living here makes one SO tired!


Ann said...

Nice to have a relaxing Sunday! I have to shut my cats in a separate room when they eat because the dog would push them out of the way to eat their food ( after his, of course!)

Anonymous said...

Cold on Isla is better than cold in Portland. I have been cold a few times but mainly because of the wind. I will never forget one trip (Feb. or Nov.) when I saw a little boy wearing mittens. I probably was wearing Capris and a t-shirt.

IslaZina said...

Brrr is right! Eat accordingly! So far I have had an egg,salmon and cream cheese spread spiked with Liquid Smoke and have my eye on pesto sauce I got when we went to Cancun. I think I'll nap with the heating pad first!

Islagringo said...

What a difference from yesterday! From sweating buckets to growing icicles all in 24 hours! All of our windows are shut as tight as we can get them. The wind coming directly off the ocean is incredible! Now that you mention it, a siesta sounds pretty good. Now where's that cat that likes to cuddle with me?

Sue said...

Ann - Loco is like that too when he's hungry - eats the cat food. But then he usually throws it up.

Jackie - I sort of had mittens yesterday. Pulled my hands inside the sleeves of my jacket to keep my hands warm. If I'd had mittens, I'd have worn them on the golf cart. I know, my blood is like the locals now - I used to think it was funny how they were so cold and the climate was just right for me. Now I'm suffering just like they do, in fact, I might be worse than some, because there's one guy who still drives around on his motorcycle without a shirt. Brrr!

Zina/Wayne - Wayne has the right idea. Get yourself a cat - it's a cheaper heating pad (well maybe not - food and vet bills). I snuggled up to my own heating pad - Miguel - his body is always so nice and toasty. He says my body is always cold, there must be something wrong with me. I guess it works out - he keeps me warm and I keep him cool. We had a long nap yesterday afternoon, in the cave bedroom downstairs where the light and the wind were shut out, and all the animals were also dozing. A really lazy day to stay inside. And eat pollo veracruzana - similar to Alexia and Giovanni, but missing a certain something to give it the right flavor.