Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Random stuff from today

First, the kitty is ok - yeah! We stopped in to see her on the way to the ferry. She was sitting at the door of her cage, lined up against the wall with several other cages. I did not go into the room, just spoke to her from the doorway, and that little bundle of fur recognized my voice and called back to me.

Delfino was not there but his assistant said that she thought he would be sending the kitten home today. I told her we were on our way to Cancun and would check in when we got back. Our hearts were lightened as we headed out.

On the top of the Ultramar, a middle-aged man and woman were standing in front of us, in quite a cozy embrace. I'm not sure if they were slow-dancing to the romantic music or what, although their bodies weren't really moving. Just their hands were moving - patting, squeezing, and caressing each other's pompies (butts). As it neared the dock at Puerto Juarez, the Ultramar suddenly slowed down, and the couple was thrown off-balance and staggered forward. They almost fell. Miguel and I couldn't help but chuckle. So much for the embrace...hehehe...

We took a cab to Parisina to buy some fabric. Almost a new experience for me - we actually got asked if we were taken care of while we stood waiting our turn to measure out the fabric. In most of the stores I frequent in Cancun, it is almost impossible to find someone to help you, and even if you do find someone, they often just shrug their shoulders and claim they don't know, and they make little effort to 'know'. So it was refreshing to see this example of attention to customer service. I hope it catches on!

We then started a two-hour marathon to get some paperwork for Miguel sorted out. He has been working on this since May, and just keeps getting shuffled from one place to another, with a new form to fill out each time. A form that will need to be photo-copied several times; he has a folder full of copies and papers. But it looks like finally we are getting somewhere. Today he had to sign quite a few papers, and then put his fingerprint beside the signatures. Now we wait 20 days to see if the papers are in order, and the signatures all match each other. Fingers crossed, it would be nice to have this task off our list for a reason to go to Cancun.

Next we headed to Home Depot to meet the lawyer to start my FM3 process. I finally got my act together, along with my paperwork, and have a stretch of time where I do not anticipate leaving the country, so now was the time. I hope all will be in order and I will be approved to be here for the next year. We'll see.

At Home Depot we picked up a couple of ceiling fans for Miguel's rental apartment. At Sorianna, right next door, we picked up a pineapple and a melon - we always buy fruit when we're in Cancun, it's one of our habits. We really should have gone to Walmart/Sam's Club/Costco too, but we were tired and wanted to get back to let the dog out and then pick up the kitten. So - another trip is needed, as we have a couple more small things to pick up for the apartment, and then it will be done. More on this and another project later this week.

When we got back to Isla, I got off and waited for Miguel to pick up the two fans. One of the guys who helps with stuff asked if I needed help, and I said that I probably did. With that another of the guys jumped at him and they started arguing over whose turn it was. They were blocking the ramp off the boat, but along came Miguel, with both fans loaded on his shoulder - unable to see much so he just parted the two guys and walked right past all of us. The guys ignored him and continued their spat, so I just left them there and tagged along with Miguel. When we got to the golf cart we were laughing at the site of the two men wildly gesturing at each other and accusing each other of losing the tip. Silly guys, they work together all the time, and tomorrow they will probably be best friends.

After we dropped the stuff at the house and let Loco out, we headed to the clinic to pick up the kitten. The kitten looked much better and was not wanting to stay in the cage. She has spunk and spirit, and if she were a male I'd be calling her Spunky. Right now I'm leaning toward calling her Spirit as it embodies the reason she is still alive. So we'll see how that name sticks as the days go by.

I didn't take a cage to bring the kitten home, just a small blanket. Of course the golf cart sputtered to a stop on the final tope before my house. We had to push, but with a kitten in one hand, I wasn't much help and Miguel ended up doing most of the work. Not one person stopped to offer help, something I find very odd here. I think it is the part of the culture to stay out of other people's business unless asked, at least that is the reason I accept for the lack of roadside assistance. And trust me, we've had LOTS of chances for someone to offer to help.

Miguel stopped pushing at one point. There was a dead cat in the road and since Miguel will never let a dead animal lay in the road to become road smush, he picked it up and put it in the bushes at the side of the road. And we continued on our way home, dodging traffic and making the left turn off the road onto my street with just a few nerve-wracking moments.

So, we're all back in one piece, and settling in. We feel so much better than we did yesterday - the long siesta and going to bed at 8:30 pm did the trick. Now we're just normal tired rather than worn out, and that is saying something after a day in Cancun. Our spirit is restored.


Ann said...

Gald things are looking up--Spirit sounds like a good name.

IslaZina said...

It's amazing what a day in Cancun will do for the spirit. And Spirit. I have to go, probably Friday, to get my mug shots done and visit one of the big box stores. Always. A couple grocery items wind up paying for the trip! And Isleno's joke about the Super being Cancun's San Francisco scratch and dent store certainly rings true after a trip to Cancun.
I can come back with a liter of Ocean Spray, one of V8 Splash, and a bottle of wine for future holidays and be beyond the break even point! Add the veggies and lettuces and it's tall cotton!

Life's a Beach! said...

Happy the kitty made it! :)