Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A day at home

Miguel fixed the golf cart. The spark plug had jumped out of its casing. Not sure how that happens, maybe I don't want to know. He bought a new plug and a tool to insert the plug back in, and I think a mechanic was involved at some point too. But we're back up and running, and as you know by now, it's borrowed time. But we'll take it.

Zina came by today, and we chatted out at the street for a bit. Wayne (Gringo in Paradise) also came by, on his way to the mechanic at the end of my road. It was nice to finally meet him. I showed off Miguel's canteloup, it is huge and is still ripening on the vine.

Miguel finished the touch-up paint job on the stairs, and now we're ready to put the space back together. Or should I say 'together', since we are doing something new with the space.

I worked and cuddled the kitten on and off. Miguel is calling the kitten Pitaya, even though it looks nothing like the fruit. However, it is about the size of pitaya, and the name seems to fit for some reason. So the jury is still out on what we will actually call this little animal, although when I say "Minina" the kitten responds - doesn't know its name but knows the sound of a voice talking to a cat.

Delfino made a surprise visit to check on the progress of the kitten and was very pleased with what he saw. So far so good, fingers crossed we continue to improve and eventually thrive. The kitten is skin and bones under all that fur, and its head looks a little big for its body - just like toddlers do when they reach that age of disproportion. She has big ears too for such a small kitty.

Minina goes from curiousity to hissing at it, and Luna just doesn't even want to be in the house with it around. Loco wants to play with the kitten, but he plays too rough, so he gets very little time. He did the same thing with our other cats, and he still pounces on them but they are big enough to take it. I think he thinks they are just like his other stuffed toys, and he's trying to make them squeak.

Tonight there are about 30 Moonflowers open and the fragrance is wafting into the living room. So sweet, I love this plant. We used to sit and stare at the flower until it opened, something fun about watching it inflate and then pop open (often when attention was distracted elsewhere). I know, we don't have much entertainment here - we make our own.


IslaZina said...

Thanks for sending Delfino over. He said he was out of contact while treating another doggie accident victim. After a pain shot kicked in so she could be examined, his decision on Lora was no high/thigh injury, but a bitten leg with wounds on the inner thigh and signs the andle got bit. He'll come in the morning and give her another shot. She's not looking for trouble tonight. Wasn't it nice of Wayne to stop and introduce himelf?

Islagringo said...

I know exactly what you mean. We did the same thing when we lived on the farm. (watching the moonflowers open!)