Friday, November 14, 2008

Wow the week went fast!

I haven't written since Monday. I haven't even wanted to write since Monday, which is unusual for me. My mind seems devoid of anything interesting to say although a lot has happened this week. But probably nothing of interest to anyone other than the inhabitants of this house. But let me see...

Maya is doing well, she has learned how to climb up on the couch all by herself. She also knows how to jump down - her biggest leap was over the dog sprawled below her. She has learned the path from her bedroom to the living room to the kitchen, in no particular order. She constantly wants to eat, which translates into lots of goodies in the litter box - a little too much, in my opinion. So now I'm mixing dry food in with the canned, in hopes it will stick to her ribs a little longer and she will eat less frequently. Her belly is bulging, she looks like you could stick a pin in her and she'd deflate. She loves to snuggle, nestling in the crook of my arm and kneading - someone should tell her there's no milk there. And that position hampers my ability to type, another reason why I haven't written.

Maya cries like a human baby - long, whiney and persistent when she's hungry. That little bitty thing makes a lot of noise! Yesterday she was snuggled in the crook of my arm, and she changed position of her head and lost her balance and her body flipped around and 'crashed' onto the laptop. She cried just like a child would do when it falls down. Boy was she mad.

The best part is that Minina has accepted Maya into the household. No more hisses or growls. It was a funny process to watch, each day showed progress. After the hissing period, it was a possessive period. Everything Maya touched, Minina ran to and either took it away or touched it too. "Mine"! And she'd bat at Maya on her way past, as if to remind her who was boss. Today they both spent the entire day on the back terrace. Maya took the comfy chair, the canvas one with the mat as padding. Minina got the plastic chair, when she wasn't busy watching her geckos.

Earlier this week Minina got sick. She refused food and made gagging/choking sounds. Delfino happened to come by the first day she was sick, but by then she'd been sleeping all day and seemed a little better. He said to watch her and call him the next day if she was still appearing sick. Three hours later Minina looked so sick and miserable that I thought she was about done. I called Delfino but didn't reach him, so I decided to start Minina on the medicine that Maya had been on and Delfino had said I should give to the other cats if they developed the same sickness. The first dose of medication was given around 8 pm, and I slept on the couch nearby in case Minina got worse. By 11 pm she was looking perkier, and interested in watching the walls for geckos, so I went up to bed, feeling that she was on the mend.

In the morning we gave Minina another dose of medication, much against her will. At 11:30 Delfino came to check her out, and she was much better by then. But he said she did not have the same symptoms as Maya and not to continue with the medication, just observe and call if she was not better. But Minina continued to get better, and now she is back to her normal self - thank goodness.

Delfino was pleased at the progress he saw with Maya. He made her a ball out of aluminum foil, wanting to see her play 'like a cat'. And she did her demo, and he was happy. So hopefully Maya will thrive and be with us for a long time. She might even be a good companion for the playful Minina - I am hoping.

On the other hand, Luna continues to be unhappy about Maya, but I think she is gradually coming around as her growls are a little less fierce. I do not trust her alone with Maya at all, in fact I don't leave Maya out when we're not around, but I am hoping Luna will agree to co-exist, as she does with Minina, and then we can all be in the house without being stressed.

Loco was a bit sick this week too - not sure what he got into, if anything, or if it was just sympathy sickness. But tonight he was running and jumping and hungry, so he too is back to normal (as normal as Loco ever gets).

Miguel and I? Well, I don't know what we ate or drank, but by 8 pm we are done for the night (sometimes earlier - we snooze on the couch before heading up to bed). I am really up late tonight, it's almost 9. But after I post this I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is Saturday, and I LOVE weekends!


Scottozoid said...

I am sooooo happy to hear that little Maya is alive and thriving and acting like a "normal" kitten according to Dr Delfino (I will defer to the professional on this one though I have about 53 years experience with cats myself)
I am also sooooo happy to hear that Minina is starting to "get over herself" and make peace with Maya. As soon as Luna figures out that Maya is no threat to her safety, security, or food supply, there will be kitty cat detente en el Jardin.
I hope you will get us some more photos of Maya et al again soon!

Ann said...

Glad to hear all are starting to get along & that Maya is doing well.

Life's a Beach! said...

Glad to hear Maya and all the kids are doing well. What a difference between your world and ours! The vet drops by, makes a ball to watch Maya play . . . It's much more personal and caring.

Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to seeing photos of the family. Glad t ohear all are doing well after a few bumps in the road.

Sue said...

I will try to get more pictures posted soon. So many potential cute photos but the camera distracts the animals and I miss the shot.

And Beck, I didn't think about how different the vet care is between here and there, but you're right - it's much more personal. Guess I've been here so long I am taking house calls for granted. I shouldn't, it is really nice to not have to stress out the animals by shoving them into a cage and driving them to the clinic on a noisy golf cart. It's a cross between "All Creatures Great and Small" and "My Family and Other Animals" - James Herriott and Gerlad Durrell, two of my favorite authors.