Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunday Grab Bag

Ok, I realize it is now Tuesday, and this blog never got completed or posted on Sunday. But since today is looking like all my other work days, I'd just better post what I've already written and move on. So here was what was in my head on Sunday:

The "Bag" in the title probably should be plural. Today was island shopping day - first the mercado near the house for chicken, fruit, juice, and vegetables. They never have celery and I wanted to make potato and macaroni salad and I must have celery for that - just isn't the same without it.

So we dropped Loco and the stuff at the house and headed to Centro. Might as well make it Sunday breakfast while we're at it, so first went to Alexia and Giovianni's for huevos rancheros (for me) and huevos con jamon (for Miguel). We are so predictable, the waitress just says "the usual?" Once in a while I order something different just to keep them on their toes, but Miguel never varies. Huevos con jamon for breakfast and pescado (a la plancha or en mojo de ajo) for lunch.

Then to the Super Express to pick up the celery and other things that I can't get elsewhere. Every time I'm in that store I'm reminded why I avoid it at almost all cost. The aisles are far too narrow, stock carts and trays are always in the way, and there are too many people not in the least interested in letting on that they see you need them to move aside in order to get through. I used to smile apologetically as I stood there waiting for people to finally move, but now I'm jaded - I give them about 5 seconds to notice, and after that I simply say "Permisso" and they get out of my way. Of course, the stock carts and trays don't react at all, so I'm still forced to reverse my way back down the narrow aisle, leaving me at the mercy of the people who have followed me down and again, are not in any hurry to let me out. Ahhhrrrggg! Just get me OUT of this store!

Still missing a couple of items, we then headed to Mirtita. They didn't have what I wanted either, but I compromised, so I got everything I expected to get, even if it wasn't everything I wanted to get. To get everything I want, I have to go to Canada - even Cancun is lacking in a few things you'd think they would have on the shelves. So...one learns to make do with what is here, and usually it works out and you sort of get past thinking you need certain things.

So today we will make a BBQ meal - sausages I picked up in Cancun, with potatoes done in foil, along with the salads I intend to prepare. Of course, it's noon now and I haven't prepared anything, and Miguel wants to take Loco for his 'tour' of the island, so we'll see how much actually gets done.

And at that last sentence Miguel was ready to take Loco and I for our 'tour'. And so ends Sunday's blog.


Ann said...

that happens here in the States, too. I sometimes go to a few stores to find things, & don't always find what I want. I never can go to only one grocery store!

IslaZina said...

Celery seeds are the answer. If no celery, chop some cabbage, cucumber or other bland crunchie in and add celery seeds! You can get them in Canada! They are light and last forever :)