Friday, September 12, 2008

And one thing leads to another...

Last week we started a small project - a brick planter. Here is the finished result:

The wall has been finished for more than a week, but we still have the concrete workers here, because:

1. One of the cement stairs, off the upstairs closet, was just off enough that when you stepped out of the closet, if you didn't put your foot just right, you would slide off the edge onto the step below. This was a tiny fix, and a messy one, but very worthwhile.

2. We wanted to build a small dining nook on the upstairs landing. This was a small project, but detailed. I chose three cheery colors of talavara tile. I'm very pleased with the results, and once we get it painted I will post a picture.

3. While I was in the tile store in Cancun to buy the tiles for #2 above, I spotted an adorable ceramic sink on sale. I've been wanting one for a long time but due to the cost it was never a priority. The sink was on sale for $40, so of course I bought it.

4. Due to #3 above, we needed to install the sink, which meant a counter needed to be built for it. We decided to use the leftover blue tiles from project #2, but didn't have enough. Yesterday morning I did another quick trip to the tile store in Cancun to get more blue tiles. While there I found some cute little ones that would go with the blue tiles, and decided that they would be great to line the edges, so I bought those too. I'm lucky the workers are flexible and work with rapidly changing designs.

5. Due to #4, we had to break the outside wall of the house to find the pipes so Miguel can install the plumbing to the sink. Of course, the broken wall will need to be cemented back up after Miguel makes his connections.

Will that be the end? Of course not. We need railings built for the staircases. The retired carpenter is here now, cleaning the wood. It's a busy place! But the dog is happy, he thinks he's the supervisor and he has been taking it all in.


Anonymous said...

Sue, your blogs are so entertaining! I am truly enjoying every entry. Day to day life chronicled, written in a style to make the mundane interesting.

Sue said...

Thanks, Jan - I appreciate the positive feedback.