Monday, September 29, 2008

Watch what you say

I've had pets all my life - mostly dogs and cats. I never realized before how much our pets are tuned into what is going on in the house. And how they figure out, in advance, what you are planning to do.

Walk into a room and two sets of eyes are watching (Minina and Loco). What is going through Loco's mind is: Are you going to sit down? Turn on the tv? Ah - that must mean I can go back to my nap. But wait! The other person just came in and sat down too, and the humans are discussing something. Golf cart? Did I hear 'golf cart' mentioned? Time to really pay attention; it might mean time for my tour.

The only thing going through Minina's mind is: Are you going to sprawl on the couch? Is my blanket in place? If so, I'll join you and snuggle. If not, I'll just stay where I am. But if you leave the room and don't cover your keyboard, I might pull off a key just to annoy you.

If I pick up my wallet (with keys attached), the sound makes Loco start jumping. He is now sure someone is going somewhere and he plans on going too. Minina thinks it means an opportunity to slip out the door if we're not paying attention, and so she gets into position, hiding beside the door.

At night, we talk about heading up to bed. As we get up to lock the door and turn off lights, the dog and cat have already beaten us upstairs. Minina raced Loco to claim the camp chair, he's always one step too slow.

On the landing they wait for us - Loco peeking over the edge to make sure we are really coming.

And then they listen to our conversation to see if they will be allowed into the bedroom or we are just going to shut the door on them.

Our pets are always watching and listening. We live with a pair of eavesdroppers and voyeurs.


IslaZina said...

I now embark on trickery with Lora, who knows from what I take into the bathroom whether I am staying or planning a considerable outing. So I take way too much stuff into the bathroom for every shower.
It used to be a jingling of the keys that could get her to come home, signaling a golf cart ride. Then, I would have to get into the golf cart and put it in reverse, the obnoxious buzz being the signal, before she got in to be collared and was led back into the house.
She's graduated now to where I have to drive into the street at night to get her in to be leashed and led to her mattess! Dumb animals? Who is the dummy here?
Glad to hear I am not so alone!

Ann said...

Sounds like at my house, too!

Life's a Beach! said...

Great post Sue! Saby watches us like a hawk too! She pouts if she picks up that we're leaving the house without her. She gives us the dirtiest look! (We call it the Stella Myrtle.)