Monday, September 15, 2008

Back home?

Yesterday I flew back to Canada. I think I encountered more wind from Hurricane Ike here than I did in Mexico - it was a rough landing and many people applauded the pilot. Hardened travelers like myself have been through turbulence before - we're 'too cool' to clap - but I have to admit that inside I was remembering recent plane crashes due to bad weather, and was glad when we were safely on the ground.

This morning I had an agenda - get my passport renewed. After getting the paperwork together I headed out to:
  1. get passport picture taken

  2. go to passport office

  3. open and review mail while waiting my turn in the passport office

  4. pick up parcels from Sears

  5. go to bank

  6. pick up parcels from post office

  7. go for breakfast
I accomplished all of the above, and what was really amazing was that I did it all in 90 minutes door to door. I didn't stand in line for anything. Everyone I dealt with was efficient and friendly. There were no surprises.

I was thinking how much longer it would have taken to do the same errands in Mexico - partly due to the need to take the ferry to Cancun. Last week I did the most efficient trip possible to Cancun - and it still took 2 hrs door to door.

I feel very proud to be Canadian, and appreciate what my home country has to offer. I enjoy my time here, in small doses - but am ready to stop hopping planes. The ferry ride is more my speed now.


Scottozoid said...

Sue: the comparisons and constrasts between your two homes is fascinating. So tell us about Mexican breakfast vs Canadian breakfast? Inquiring tummies want to know!

Ann said...

Glad you were able to accomplish so much in so little time. More time to relax a little before getting back on the plane.

Sue said...

Scott - I did a post just for you. Got a little off-track, but you'll get the idea - my breakfast in Canada is ok, my breakfast in Mexico is something to look forward to every day.

Jamqueen - Well, I won't really get to relax, but it is nice to have that one thing checked off my list; it's been weighing on my mind.