Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Two Breakfasts

Per a request from a reader (Scott), here is a comparison of breakfast in Mexico and breakfast in Canada.


On Sunday morning we had eggs fried up with onions and peppers, served with a stack of hot corn tortillas from the market, a glass of fresh orange juice, and a plate loaded with fresh fruit (pitaya, cantaloup, watermelon, mango).

The eggs were like egg fajitas, sort of. We are inventors; many of our meals don't have real names. Actually, I guess I should say I am usually the inventor; Miguel pleads with me not to invent dishes but I just keep telling him that's how recipes come about - someone tries something they think should taste good, and when it does, it becomes a 'recipe'.

When 'inventing', the trick is to remember what one threw into the dish so it can be repeated. Sometimes trying to enhance what is already a good recipe turns a good meal into a not-so-good meal ("Wow - did you put habanero in there?"). Other times, forgetting a key ingredient results in a meal where one says "hmmm...it's good, but it's missing something."

Actually, Miguel is just as likely as I am to get creative, he just doesn't realize it. He'll trot out to the garden and come back with a handful of leaves from some plant I've never heard of, and casually toss the leaves into something he's preparing. He claims he's reproducing food that his mother used to prepare in Oaxaca - I have no choice but to believe him (but I'm suspicious that he's actually 'inventing' too).

Anyway, our Mexican no-name breakfasts are delicious, fresh, and nutritious.


Yesterday I went to a local diner. I had poached eggs, white toast (they were out of rye), homefried potatoes (real ones), and a cup of coffee. It was good.

Today I am eating at home. There really isn't any food in the house so I'm making do with two slices of brown bread with butter. I'm not enjoying it, but it's soaking up the morning coffee so my stomach doesn't get distressed.

No fruit, no juice. My own fault, I know, but somehow breakfast just isn't the same here. I think all those times Miguel snuck (yes, snuck is a word, I looked it up) hot chilis into my food has made me long for food with more zing. I'd go get a quiche but cholesterol is a concern. I guess I really don't know what to eat for breakfast when I'm here. Cold cereal anyone?


Life's a Beach! said...

Same here Sue. I'm eating a granola bar and a coffee drink. Pretty boring. Love your description of breakfast on Isla! When I'm there, I LOVE the fresh fruit.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to breakfast on Isla, either fruit, juice and some yogurt where I am staying...or Elements or M & J's or A & Gs....yum! American and Canadian breakfasts tend to be, well, kind of bland and uninteresting I guess, LOL. How long will you be in Canada Sue? I'll be down on a "girls" trip at the end of October, hope to see you!

Ann said...

I agree-I love having breakfast in Mexico. Usually go to A & G or one of the other loncherias--fresh fruit, juice , eggs or pancakes--I'm drooling just thinking about it & Have a few months still to wait!

Sue said...

Beck - it almost IS all about the fruit, isn't it? Yum!

Jan - I'll be coming and going in October - not sure yet of dates, depends on work. I know you 'girls' will have a blast, I will hope the weather is great!

Jamqueen - A&G is so good, my latest craze from them (for breakfast) is huevos rancheros. The red sauce is loaded with garlic and so tasty. For midday meal, it's Pechuga de Pollo Veracruzana, something I've almost reproduced at home.