Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Caught in the act

We've had a rough few days with health issues (human and cats). No, not the flu. But no time to write, and since you guys seem to like pictures, I thought I'd post a few more - all taken this week.

Cats caught in the act...

Luna - she found a box sitting on the couch, one we'd used to haul stuff back from Costco. To her it seemed the ideal bed, even though she has the entire couch. She's been using her new bed all week, and since she's taken to staying out at night, she's darn tired when she comes in in the mornings, and her box ensures nobody bothers her.

The Minina look-alike. This cat likes to hang out in our garden, and since we've had lots of problems with an aggressive white cat beating him up, we've started feeding him inside the garden too (we used to feed him across the street). This morning Miguel had just finished watering the plants when he spotted this cat taking a drink from the birdbath.

Maya - she loves to be around the tub when one of us is taking a bath. The other night I was running the bath water and when I went into the bathroom, there was Maya, parked in the sink, waiting for me to show up to start my bath.


Bennie said...

These are great pictures. The animals have found their corners in your world. Maya was really cute there in that sink.

Jonna said...

There are never too many cute kitty pictures. Tita loves water too, she sits on the bench in the shower whenever it is on.

Love your kitties, so glad you are feeding some of the wild ones.

Ann said...

Beautiful shots, Sue! I love to watch our cats & see the places they pick to sleep!

Life's a Beach! said...

Kitties are like kids! Luna in the box reminds me of my son's first Christmas. He got in the box his toy came in and that was his favorite present!

Hope everyone's well now!

Islagringo said...

What is it with boxes? One of my cat thinks she's in heaven everytime a pizza box shows up for her to sleep on! That bathroom sink pic is just too great!