Thursday, May 28, 2009

Could we just FIX the flat tire? (and other fantasies)

We drive around on a golf cart with tires that are holey. The air leaks out at different speeds depending on the tire. One tire we fill in the morning and by evening it is down again. Other tires last a few days before they need a fill-up. We have our own compressor, and the situation is so bad now that Miguel doesn't even bother to put the compressor away - it sits behind the front door, along with the long extension cord. I do not know why we (and I only say 'we' here to show I'm part of a team) don't 1) get the tires, all of them, fixed or 2) replace them. There is probably some logic there that I'm not getting.

Pet food knives. They disappear around here for no apparent reason. We used to have 3 knives we used only for animal food. One in the kitchen, one on the back terrace, and one on the front terrace. We are down to one knife on the front terrace, the others have vanished and 'nobody' (you know who I mean by this, right?) knows where they went. And nor does he really care - he still has one knife, that's all that matters. I'm sure the others are buried in some pile of dirt somewhere, used as a gardening tool or a screwdriver.

Dog food bowls. They disappear around here too. I suspect there will be a direct relationsihp to the success of the dog-catcher to the disappearance of our bowls. Because it is stray dogs that come up on our front porch and take off with the bowls of left-over food. 'We' are keeping the front gate closed now (most of the time, because 'we' are not always paying attention), so maybe our bowls will stick around for a while. Miguel found one bowl in the middle of the road on his way to the market - not even close to the house. The rest? Vanished into thin air.

The ultimate fantasy? A day in the hammock on the front terrace, with the shade and gentle breeze cooling off my skin. No cats climbing the screen behind me, no dogs chewing and licking at their itchy spots while they lay under me, no phone ringing just as I get myself comfortably positioned, and nobody calling from the street just as I doze off.

Ah - I can see it all now. Perfection.


Bennie said...

I can verify that the dog bowls dissapear into thin air. I freaked out when I was watching the kids and a bowl just vanished. I looked everywhere and never found it.

Good luck finding those knives.

Oh and don't hold your breath on the fantasy of having a quiet day on the hammock. Those days have passed, your a native there now. It's no longer a vacation home... It's just HOME.

Ann said...

I wish for you to have that day someday!

blancochar said...

Sorry, Sue, but I think Jim and I may have been the thieves of your fantasy day in the hammock -- so I guess you'll have to come to Texas and be our guests for a leisurely day(s) here. Bennie is right -- life at home just doesn't seem to include hammock time. And as for the missing bowls, it's the raccoons who stteal them from us. I have lost even heavy pottery bowls into the woods.
And I'm laughing at your "we."

Sue said...

Bennie - I remember when you told me the bowl was gone and I was sure it would turn up in the garden. Nope, you were right.

Ann - thanks! (I'm still waiting)

Charlotte - good to know we aren't the only ones with bowl thieves. And...glad you enjoyed the 'we'. :-)