Saturday, May 23, 2009

Trip to Norway - Trondheim part 4

When we planned our trip my dad had warned us that it would still be cold and there would be snow, so I bought Miguel a winter coat and all the other clothing he'd need when I was in Canada in December. The only thing we didn't take were boots, and even though there was snow on the ground, our sneakers worked out until the morning we left, when there was a layer of fresh snow on the ground.

We carried our winter clothing on the plane just in case our suitcase got separated from us, and it turned out to be a good move because we needed the coats and gloves during our tour in Amsterdam (bitter cold wind). And we certainly needed them in Norway, although it really wasn't bitter cold (for me, Miguel has described it as very cold).

I'm not a winter person, but I enjoyed visiting during this time of year because it was very pretty and we got to see people enjoying the winter sports.

Miguel wanted pictures of himself standing in the snow so he could show his family. And so I took pictures...

Miguel can never complain that I didn't take pictures for him!


Bennie said...

Oh how nice I see a picture of you and Miguel in the snow. How nice to see a picture of you two together.

Leslie said...

what, you didn't have him make a snowman? or isn't that allowed in Norway?

Sue said...

Figures we had to go to Norway to get a picture of the two of us together - there are so few!

The snow was crunchy until we got that new snow just before we left. The thought never crossed my mind, and I'm not sure he has ever seen a snowman. Good idea!

Scottozoid said...

Oh I have a great photo of you and Miguel dancing at Miguel's Moonlight from December 2007...I will have to send it to you if you don't already have it.